Thursday, April 30, 2009

Before the RV came home to the driveway

I wanted some shots of the house and yard before the RV was sitting in the driveway again. As May arrives the plants and flowers will look entirely different and I'll try and remember to take another photo then.

Standing on my own

Actually, John took one step yest. It seems that when he's not thinking about it he does just fine, but it's when he realizes that he's not holding on that he lets himself go down.

Glick's Garden Center

Last week we took a ride down to the Oley Valley to our favorite place for flowers and veg. plants...Glick's
Just being in that atmosphere was so thereputic. John was fascinated by everything. We made our purchases for this time, but we'll be back!

Oh well, you get to see these photos twice..Ha.


Keith finally got the swing on the deck and John just loves it. He never wants to get out of it! Great way to spend time. I love swings and rockers a lot! They say it's good for ya .
This is a very big wagon. John fits in the bottom so nicely and doesn't move when he's in it. He's still trying to figure it all out. It was in our livingroom at first so John could get used to it..but now it's on the deck. It'll be fun to see how he grows into it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Blue Hooded Sweater My Mimi Made Me

It was cooler today when John came and he had on the sweater that I knitt him. Most of you remember I was making about 8 of these sweaters for MANY BABIES that were born last year. I did make John 3 different sizes:) Wish I had taken off the bib so you could see how nice the front looks. Oh well. The first thing John does when he comes in the a.m. is want to sit on Papa's lap and have him read books. Blueberry Bunny is his all time favorite!

Fun Photos from Hershey Thousand Trails

Steve left us Sat. morning at 8:30 to go to Lebanon Valley College to take his test for Special Ed. Certification. He was back at 2 p.m. I have no idea when he'll hear about how he did on the test. Thankfully, being in Hershey, he was only about 1/2 hour from the college.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cooling off after a long weekend at Hershey

We brought John home from Hershey with us so Steve and Di could go to a wedding reception. It was a wonderful weekend and John slept 10 hours thru each night. What a great kid. The weather was in the 80's Sat. and Sunday. This was the fish rodeo weekend at Hershey. Harry & Karen, Tom and Loraine were parked right next to us - and all the grandkids were there. In the photo above you'll see some of the crew. As you can see - John was so happy to be cooling off in our kitchen sink at home. He's now 10 months old.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Easter !

From all of US to ALL of YOU....Happy Easter! We are so BLESSED!!!!

April Fools Day!

Yep, April 1st is my daddy's birthday....AND this is the FIRST birthday that he could celebrate it as a DADDY.
I LOVE MY DADDY! He has cool sun glasses and hats,...and .....a motorcyle that we sit on tog.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa....

Keith will be 64 on April 8th. We celebrated with the kids Sunday. Steve decorated the pizza box with candles and spelled out happy birthday with veggies on the was really different. Since Keith's birthday is Wed. and that's prime rib night at Shady Maple, Keith's favorite - that's where we'll be going.

Playing in the grass

John playing in the grass for the first time. He was so curious. Di took lots of photos, too many to share. Thought this one was one of the best.

Little by Little

The first few nice days Keith and I worked at putting the black mulch, flowers and solar lights on both sides of the new walkway. It's all finished now and looks great. It was worth every penny.