Sunday, February 28, 2010

2/2010 - Farewell to Apache Palms RV Resort

All good things must come to an end and so...we had to leave Bob and Barb to move on. BUT we had to introduce you to Josephine, their Saguaro. They are so proud of her and rightly so...She's quite a beauty.

2/2010 - Barb's backyard & shed

This is the view from the shed to the patio area...
And isn't this the most beautiful garden shed you've ever seen? I had to show everyone is the neatest idea.

You'd never think it was a shed right? And she's had all her geraniums for years...they are huge. In the summer they take them up to the cabin in Pinetop where it's not so hot.

2/19/2010 - Mystery Castle

Boyce Luther Gulley built this castle in the 1930's and left it to his wife and dau...MaryLou. Mary Lou still lives here with a full time staff. She's 86 and until resently gave the tours of her home which is located at the foot of South Mountain.
Boyce used EVERYTHING to build this "castle"...What others didn't use ,.he did.

I thought of Lorraine when I saw this owl. I couldn't share all the photos I took....but once again, you can go on line and google this fascinating place.

Just had to think of my brother, Jack when I saw this armadilla. You'll have to ask my Mom about this story.

2/19/2010 Papago Park - Hole in the Rock

The view at the top of the rock...looking down at Bob who took photos with their camera...and I'm sorry I don't have any of them:(

Keith, Barb and I climbed up to the hole....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feb. 19,2010 - Desert Botanical Garden

I've decided to do Feb. 19th in sections... The gardens are so awesome with thousands of plant species.

Barb took a turn at crushing grain....the "old fashioned way"...

Now you know Keith had to take a turn!

It was a perfect day weather we just strolled our way thru the gardens. Our water bottles were close at don't realize how much you need to keep hydrated.

This was the entrance way into the garden... Barb is a member and so very proud to show the gardens to everyone. We had our very own tour guide.

The plants were just starting to bloom and I was in awe of all the colors.

Thurs.Feb.18,2010 - First Part of a GREAT DAY!

The Olive Mill: My photos are just NOTHING of what this place is all about. We thought it was a great idea to visit the olive mill first. Got there at about 11 a.m. IT WAS MOBBED.. and rightly so. The olive groves are a heaven for lunch and tours and tasting all the olive products. We did manage to go inside and look around, taste some of the samples. Keith was excited to know that he's already been making many of their products, but got MANY more ideas for new recipes. mmmmm Anyway, all the tours were full, so that was out. We'll just put this on our agenda for next time:) We were so glad we got to see it.

Here's Keith walking out into the olive grove....and other having lunch under the trees.

It's just a beautiful setting for a tour, lunch or...whatever. NEXT TIME!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Thurs.Feb.18,2010 - What a Birthday!!!!

Yes, another year has rolled around and I had another birthday. Barb and Bob took Keith and I for a boat ride on the Dolly at Canyon Lake. While on the cruise, different gems were passed around and since it was my birthday, I got to hold this cluster of was so beautiful.

The Dolly had 3 boardings on this particular day. One at noon, two and four. We had tickets for the 2 p.m. This is the Dolly coming in with the noon time passangers.

We were having our lunch as we watched the people unload. It was just a perfect day...warm and sunny, and...clear.

Now we're looking at the restaurant area outside where we had our lunch.

IF you look very'll see a big horn sheep resting on the top of a cliff. We saw several, but when the captain said there were 26 up in another area....and NO one could see them... We all began to wonder IF there really were others..Ha.

This was so special... A bald eagle on it's nest. This is the best shot I could get. All you can see is the white head... But is was truly a thrill.

I took so many pictures - Just like I've said's so BEAUTIFUL. And every turn on this cruise was so interesting. This is definitely something you don't want to miss,...IF it's a nice day - and clear.

We pulled into the dock after our 2 hour tour... So relaxed and thankful that Bob and Barb recommended this trip..

It was a very pleasant drive back for supper... The legand goes that the Lost Dutchman, Jacob Waltz, hid his gold in the Superstition Mountains. And on his death bed said the gold was in the shadow of Weavers one has ever found the gold. Very interesting can google it for more information.

This is Superstition Mountains.

Super at the Mining Camp!

It's now about 5 p.m. and I took this photo as we approached the Mining Co. Restaurant.

Inside you are seated family style with all tin cups, plates, and silverware. The waitress first brought our drinks - followed by cole slaw and baked beans.. 3 meats, - chicken, ham and ribs....potatoes, bread and string beans...all you can eat. I will NEVER forget this birthday and the good time we had ALL week with Bob and Barb..

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tues. Feb. 16, 2010 - South Mountain

This was such an eye opener for Keith and me... At the top of South Mountain there's a compass which makes it very easy to see the WHOLE area..from Tempe, Phoenix, Sun City, and all the mountains... We spent lots of time talking with Barb and Bob and pointing out every land mark.

The sun was shining but the wind was blowing! Dobbins Lookout is at 2330 ft. elevation.
This is Camel Back mountain.

I told ya the wind was blowing:)

I took this shot straight down from the top of the lookout...this building is "Mystery Castle" ..and a golf course behind that.

Just more awesome views.

Bob and I walking out of an area that the "Hohokam" tribe drew/scratched geometric designs on rocks.

This is "The Farm at South Mountain".... We had lunch here...everything is grown and served fresh. Barb and I had salads that were scrumptious... Keith and Bob ordered the turkey wraps.. AND for dessert, Bob picked up a peach tart. We sat out in the garden groves listening to the birds enjoying the doesn't get any better than this! I have to pinch myself to realize this is all happening to us. What a dream come true.

After we ate we strolled thru the many fields of fresh produce. It smelled so good and looked so pretty.

A view of the area where we ate.

Later that night, Keith made a spagetti dinner for the 4 of us. Here he is working away in Barb's kitchen. It was a nice laid back evening. We just had a wonderful time with Bob and Barb, getting to know them so much better...

Mon.Feb.15, 2010 - Apache Trail

Our day started at the base of the Superstition Mountains (photos of them later in blog) I couldn't take a photo of them facing the sun:) We drove thru Lost Dutchman State Park to Canyon Lake. This is the view from the look out point before we started down around the lake.
Canyon Lake is in the Tonto National Forest.

Stopped at Tortilla Flat... Barb and Bob said we just had to experience this little town... Went in the front door to have this wall of dollar bills greet us.

The hole building was wall papered with dollar bills. Now, because we were going to drive on 25 miles of narrow dirt roads we all decided to use the facilities.....SO

Barb took me in the ladies room and here's what you see!!!!! She thought it'd be a hoot for you to see me like this..!!!

And here's the boys just outside the store... Just couldn't resist adding this one! Sorry guys

First we had to drive over a creek that was about 6 inches deep, ...Bob did a great job of getting us thru so we could head for the hills. Now...we just want you to see that NOTHING keeps the UPS trucks from delivering your mail.... I was taking a photo of the view when this truck FLEW by me...

And I mean FLEW...I was able to get this shot and the one above as he brushed by me... The dust was flying as I got back in the car and we continued on our way SLOWLY.:) It was like riding for 25 miles on a wash board. But the views were spectacular.

Keith spotted this Coke truck making it's way down down down and around the narrow road...We couldn't believe our eyes...BUT this driver must do it all the time. We all got such a big laugh out of the UPS and the Coke trucks. By the way, there's NO guard rails and at some places you just can't pass another car.

Keith took this one from the front seat as we made our way around each turn. Thankfully, it was a very sunny, nice day. Wouldn't want to think of what it's like on a rainy day.

This is the road we were going down ....I was sitting on the drivers side in the back seat to get this shot...the road was very narrow and...this is all the guard rail I ever saw.

I took 100's of photos this day... everywhere we turned the view was more magnificent. We will NEVER forget the Apache Trail...Thanks to Barb and Bob.

Barb packed a delicious picnic lunch knowing we'd have this nice area to stop and eat.. She is a wealth of information...I wish I had a tape recorded so I could remember everything she told us. Bob and Keith were constantly joking with each other ...I had to get a candid shot of the two of them.

This was Apache Lake.... with more awesome views.

We were headed to the Theodore Roosevelt Dam and Lake... That's where we stopped to eat our lunch.

90 feet were added to this damn....It was built during Roosevelt era... This was the view from one side...

AND this is the view from the other side...

I'll just tell you that this shot is about 1/3 the way up to the cave where prehistoric Salado people, named after the Salt River made their living in the mountainous desert. It was a paved switch back trail up the side of a mountain where the remains of their cliff dwelling was tucked inside.

At the very top of the cave was this killer bee hive....Thankfully, they were not active...but we saw enough of them flying around...which didn't make me feel so great.

I gave the camera to Keith and he took this shot from inside the cave looking down on the valley. It told Keith and I how out of shape we were going up to this point. Of course it was also just after we ate lunch...I know I excuses..:) At least is was much easier going back down...

This is what the inside of the cave looked like......or...what's left of it.

Just a view of how it looked as we got to the top. It's now about 3 p.m... and so Bob started for home...I learned that AZ has 5 C's....Cattle, Citrus, Copper, Cotton, & Climate... As we drove home we saw some of the copper mines and cattle on the side of the mountains. We are trying to be like sponges and soak up everything we can:)