Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nov. 16th - Game Time at the Lodge

Carlton is so very gifted...he makes pine needle baskets of all shapes and sizes. I only learned about this when we were at Hershey this summer. I purchased this small adorable basket and have it in the RV....If you ever get the chance to see Carlton's collection or see him making the baskets you will come away in awe.

Carlton and Dawn met the 4 of us at the game room for one of our evenings playing FAST TRACK! Dawn is also a very gifted lady. She makes quilts among many other sewn items.

We all got silly and this is what you get when I have a camera in my hand..Ha.

Then Karen took the camera and got back at me. We DO have fun.

Nov. 16th - Oakwood Smokehouse

Monday, Tues. and Wed. are the nights that The Smokehouse has a full rack of ribs for $11. So, of course, Harry, Karen, Keith and I made our way there on Wed.
These happy faces are ready to enjoy the mouth watering ribs. They really are the best!

Nov. 16th - Webster Flea Market

Webster Flea Market is only open on a our Green Dragon back home only being open on Fridays. Our good friends used to collect "Push me Pull me peddle trucks"...or at least that's what Keith's dad called them. Since it was a very hot day, we arrived at 9 and started to walk around the acres of venders. It's so much fun IF you like to snoop around.
Yes, Webster is the largest flea market around... miles and miles of things to see and do. Keith likes to be at the produce building by 12:30 because that's when ALL the produce is marked down to $1. a bag. We've always come away with lots of great fresh food to stock the RV.

I guess the 4 of us were on our way back to Orlando by 1:30. Webster is about 50 miles northeast of Orlando.
I felt like we walked 50 miles by the end of the day! NOT

Nov. 15th - Orlando Thousand Trails Park

Karen and Harry were already at Orlando - arrived on Thurs. Before they left Peace River Karen said they were going to make supper for the 4 of us the day we arrived. Here we are at the end of the day enjoying the weather with friends over a warm meal. mmmm
This is Harry and Karen's RV - and this is the view from our door to theirs'.

Nala settled in right away. She loves the sun coming in the front window.

Nov. 12th - Woody and Jane

We drove down to Moore Haven which is at the base of Okeechobee. Woody and Jane are great friends who we hadn't seen for 3 years. After a quick and delicious lunch at a near by sandwich shop, we got down to the business of playing hand and foot....THEIR WAY!... It was all new to us...We started the game at 1:30 and finished at 5:30...YES, it is a longer way to play, but so much fun and more challenging. The day went way too fast. Jane made a yummy choc. cake which we topped with vanilla ice cream.

Nov. 14th - Leaving Peace River

I knew we were leaving early the 15th so I took a walk around the park. Thought you'd get a kick out of the sign that warns of alligators and snakes by the river. I didn't see either this time here.
The lower area of sites is all but empty now, but in a few weeks it will be FULL.

All along the river are camping sites....empty now. They are quite popular since you have such a peaceful view of the river.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nov. 13th - Rich and Donna

Keith made a delicious seafood dinner as a thank you and farewell to Rich and Donna. It was really great to get to know them. They will be traveling to Hershey Pa. - hopefully we can get tog. to play P-ball there.

Nov. 12th - Woody and Jane

We met Woody and Jane at the Warren Co. Fair in Northwestern Pa. in 1995. They have a summer place in Moore Haven Fl. Keith and I drove the 1 1/2 hours to visit with them for the day. We talked - went to lunch - BUT THEN........
They wanted to teach us a NEW way to play hand and foot.! Their way took til 5:30 to play ONE GAME!!!!
It was much harder than our normal way of playing this game, but it sure was fun....very challenging. It was vary hard to say good-bye....sure hope it's not another 3 years before we visit again.

Nov. 12th - Paul's Kitchen

O.K... IF you're coming to Peace River you just have to try Paul's Kitchen. It's just a great "Mom and Pop" restaurant in Wauchula Fl. You can't help but like the feeling you get from the friendly staff and the food is so good. The $1.99 breakfast can't be beat either. Keith and I have learned to share what we order because they give you SO MUCH FOOD.
Anyway, We liked it....and would highly recommend giving it a try.

Back on the 4th of Nov. - Cis and Joe's visit

The day was just beautiful. Cis and Joe flew in from PA to do some business up at Torrey Oaks... They came down to Peace River for a very short visit. We hated that they had to fly back the next day....and especially going back to the COLD...:( At least we got to catch up and give our hugs to each other.

Nov. 11th - Donna & Rich's Happy Hour

Donna and Rich wanted to have a farewell happy hour for Harry and Karen. Karen is taking photos for her blog...below I'm taking photos for my blog...and Donna was taking photos for her blog... So many photos!

Rich is on the left. He has won National's in Pickleball and has been giving us "help" with our game. He did a clinic for anyone who wanted to attend and boy did we soak up anything he said. It has made a HUGE difference in our game. Buddy is a new friend and player.

Donna is Rich's wife and another very good teacher. We were so fortunate to be here at this particular time so we could take advantage of everything that was offered. Here's Donna opening all the goodies so we could eat...

Nov. 7th - Pickleball Clinic by Rich

Keith returning a ball from Rich - Marie waiting in line to go next.
I'm ready..... Rich really taught us a lot in the 2 hours we had. This is usually 2 hours every week or five 2 hour sessions. There just so much to we purchased the video and will work on one move at a time.

Karen is "punching" the ball....Good!!! Way to go.

Harry really has this punching down!

Nov. 6th - Homer's

Several couples had gone to Homer's and suggested we try it... so Harry, Karen, Keith and I drove there on Friday night.

The suggestion was a good one and we were glad we listened. If you're in Peace River, drive to Sebring and enjoy Homer's!

Nov. 5 - John in front of Daddy's new car.

We can see how he's growing....and can't wait to squeeze him when we get home:)

Nov. 4th - Torry Oaks Resort

This is the pool right next to the pickleball courts.
Next to the pool is the shuffle board courts and behind them is where everyone gathers for any occasion.

Everything is so new and beautiful here. I can see why Cis and Joe have purchared some lots and stay here for the winters.

Under the pavillion is a complete stainless steel kitchen....Keith could do some real damage cooking on this baby....

Nov. 4th - Pickleball at Torey Oaks Courts

The courts at Peace River were being redone, so we drove up to another court to play. I am on the right court playing with Travis.
Harry and Karen ready for play....Torry Oaks is a beautiful resort.

This is HAPPY HOUR - can't you tell? At least Harry and Keith were happy!

Everyone digging into all the great food brought to happy hour. Met more players and their spouses. What nice people!

Nov. 2nd - Henderson Tarp

Thanks to Lee and Judy telling us about where they got their extension made for their awning; Keith and I drove to Harrisburg and had one made for our RV. When we arrived at Peace River, Fl. Keith finally got a chance to slide our extension into place.
Thankfully, Harry and Karen were right next to us so Harry lent a hand in the process of putting the extension on.

Here's the finished product! The black velcro along the bottom of the extension is where we could attach the other piece of our awning and make it more like an extra room. Right now we're very pleased with the shade this provides. The extension rolls up in the awning! Ta Da!!!