Monday, September 29, 2008

Today he rolled over...and over...and over..What fun!

When Di brought John this morning she said she found that he had rolled over in his crib... So when she left and he was playing on the floor, I turned around and what do you know...he rolled over....and over.. He was having such a good time. Entertained himself for the longest time....everything was so new! He wore himself out and slept for 2 1/2 hours!

A VERY Rainy Long Weekend at Hershey:(

We pulled into Hershey around 9:30 a.m.Thurs. John was in Keith's car and I drove the RV. John slept from the time we left home til we arrived at Hershey - about an hour. You can see he had no trouble settling into the RV.

Steve and Di arrived after work on Thurs. It had started to rain - and rain - and rain. But it didn't stop us from having some great family time tog. Friday they took John and went to Choc. World and the Outlets Shopping.
Harry, Karen, Carlton, Cal, Keith and I played a few games of Pickleball before the rain came down again.
Sat. Steve and Di took off to do some shopping and have a nice lunch tog. We took care of John. It was raining very hard...I bet we got 4 inches of rain all tog. Here's John getting used to driving the RV just before they left for home on Sunday. It was a great weekend and we can't wait to do it again in the spring of 2009.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Oley Fair in Oley PA..

Friday was the annual "OLEY FAIR". My dad LOVES the tractor pulls which start at 9 a.m. We got there at 10. We had John til Di came at noon after work to join us. John was great. He slept right thru the loud tractors from 10:30 til 11:45...Woke up -had a bottle and was ready for the fair!
John was wearing his "Chick Magnet" hat. He didn't know what to think when this gal in the petting barn showed him this little duckling.
I don't think Di was too thrilled when I asked her to get close to the sheep so I could get a good shot..Look at her face! John could have cared less Ha.
I couldn't get ALL the piglets on this photo...I think there were 10 or 12 in all. Poor Mama.
The weather was wonderful...about 70 degrees and breezy. They expected a record crowd each day of the fair. This is the fair that I took the Grand Champion Ribbon for my all white quilt in 1988. In a few years I'll be able to enter it in the "over 25 year old" category!.

Box Tops for Kids

I have a request.... Cayton is collecting "BoxTops for Kids" so..IF you'd like to help...please cut them off any package the has them and stick them away til we see ya. ALSO If you'd like to save the pull tabs from soda cans...his school is saving them and it goes to help children with autism. It's called "HOPE"...THANKS to everyone who has been saving them for him already. He's always so thrilled when I give him a bag full.

Monday, September 15, 2008

12 weeks old and 13 lbs. :)

This is such a Happy Baby..the smiles just keep coming. Makes our Day that's for sure. John would rather be sitting up now, even tho he's not quite stable enough.... He'll be going to his FIRST Oley Fair Tractor Pull this Friday IF it doesn't rain... I'll take photos of that too..

Saying our Fairwells to Kathryn and Carl

We decided to meet at Shady Maple Smorgasbord at 1:30 to have a fairwell feast tog. It was so delicious as always. Kathryn and Carl had never been there so it was extra special for them. We showed them the ropes and then it was up to them to "fill up" on everything they liked or wanted to try. It was 4 p.m. when we "rolled" out of the restaurant. Next stop was the Farmers Market next door.....they enjoyed that too. Finally it was time to say our good-byes til we see them again...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brad got to play P-ball at Hershey!

From left to right - Cal, Keith, Brad, Marie and Carlton . Brad gave us all a run for our money...he's a good player and keeps us on our toes. I'm so glad he got to meet some of our friends.
Keith,Cal,Diane,Brad,Carlton, and Dawn... Got a call from Cal on Sat. night..they were at Hershey and wondered if we'd play P-ball with them. So I called Brad and we were thrilled that he could FINALLY go with us. We played from 8 til 11 - it was hot and humid but we didn't care it was great to play. Hope we can play more when we go over Sept. 25 - Sept 28th.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kathryn and Carl from TX

At 2 p.m. we made our way to Kathryn and Carls' place. We met them in Orlando because of the VW...we had one - a 1967 - Keith and Carl got to talking and the next thing you know...well, we've been in touch ever since. They made a delicious steak dinner for us. Those hours just flew - we had so much to catch up on.
Next Monday we're meeting them at Shady Maple - they'll be leaving Hershey the 18th:(


It's always great to meet up with Dawn and Carlton...we never seem to run out of things to talk about...:) After the pickleball - Keith and I hit the hot tub and showered before joining Dawn and Carlton for lunch at their picnic table. It was a beautiful day. The good news is...we'll be back at Hershey the end of Sept. so we didn't have to say good bye this time.
Here's the group that showed up to play from 8 to 10:45 a.m. Everyone had a great time, just can't get enough of this game!

Sunday Sept. 7th at Hershey Thousand Trails

We were up early and excited to get to Hershey. Arrived at the gate at 8 a.m. Went right to Dawn and Carlton's and dropped off our pies before heading to the Pickleball Courts.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Peaches!!!! Lots of Peaches!!!!

A few days ago, Steve brought me a 2ft X 2ft. box of peaches. One of his co-workers asked if anyone could help her out and take some home.....Steve KNOWS that we'll use most any free food. I've been working on this box of peaches since he brought them and FINALLY today ...with Hanna's rain...I spent the day baking peach tarts and cleaning up the end of the peaches. Now, some of you know that Keith can't TOUCH the skin of peaches...he breaks out in a red rash where ever it touches him. But, he LOVES peaches. So, IF I'll clean them....he'll eat them:) I made 4 peach tarts from my mom's recipe, but at the request of Keith, I added vanilla to that recipe...They are GOOOOOOD.mmmmm I have 2 large containers in the refrig.all ready to eat with ice cream or on cereal. Not bad for a rainy day.

The FROG and HAT Outfit :)

This is how HAPPY this boy is at 6:45 a.m....Di dresses him in the most adorable outfits and I'm having a ball with my new camera. He's such a good "model" for me too. When Steve and Brad were little - the "boy" clothes wasn't like it is today. Just walk into BabiesRUs and you'll see what I mean....anything you can imagine is made for kids to wear. I wonder what he'll be wearing on Monday? Ha.

90 Degrees - Time for a Swim

From Labor Day til now it's been very hot and humid in the afternoons.. I thought I'd be fun to put John in his swim trunks and have some fun in the water. This was the first day we played ....the second day he enjoyed it even more! After Hanna goes thru today.. the weather is to be in the upper 80's again so we'll see if we get to play some more.

The 2 Great Grandsons

Clancy is 1 1/2 years old...looks like 3!!! He is Mindy's grandson..Holly and Clancy are his Mommy and Daddy. With both sides of Clancy's family being TALL..Holly's Dad is 6ft.6inches.. get the idea! He's got the most beautiful blue eyes.
John was all decked out in his RED,WHITE,&BLUE as was his Mommy and Daddy. I think I just have to frame this shot.

Before the Cook Out.'s the "before" the cook out! Keith and I worked all day Sunday to get the car-port clean and neat for Labor Day. It looked so nice. We used the RV matting we got from "Beasley's" in Florida on the black top. There was a nice breeze flowing thru the eating area all day..and no one had to be roasting in the sun. This "getting ready" reminds me of our catering days! My job was to get everything ready and make sure things ran smoothly.

Labor Day Cook Out for Mom and Dad

Hot dogs, Hamb. and Corn on the Cob..mmmm everything was so good. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time. The 2 great grandsons were there and that made Mom and Dad's day. I tried to publish another photo but don't know what happened to it.. I'll try again. Hey, this blog thing is tricky sometimes!
Jimmy, Michele's oldest son, was called at 5 a.m. to head out for Mississippi because of Gustov. Jim is a linesman for a Co. out of Lancaster Pa. My brother and wife were on vacation in N.C.