Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chick Magnet!

Aunt Marge L. from Kentucky sent this adorable outfit to us and asked us to dress him in it and then show Steve and Di. Marge didn't know that John already had the Chick Magnet hat. They came by today and I put John in the outfit and asked for the hat. They LOVED the results... Isn't he cute? Thanks Aunt Marge:)

Mom and Dad's 62nd Anniv.

Sunday Aug. 31st -tomorrow - Mom and Dad will celebrate their 62nd Anniv. Keith and I took them to Red Lobster for a late lunch today. They love the Steak and Lobster dinner:) Labor Day (Monday) we're having a cook out here at our house to celebrate with the whole family. I'll have camera in hand that day too!
Yest. - Friday Aug. 29th, Keith and I drove to Hershey to play pickleball and to visit with Dawn and Carlton. We arrived at 8 - Wayne and Nancy were just walking on the court. Before we knew it...there were 18 players. That is so neat. Filled 2 courts and you were never sitting more than a few min. before getting into another game. 10:15 it started to rain and everyone scattered. Keith and I went in the hot tub, took our showers and changed clothes. We went to Dawn and Carlton's rig and had lunch tog....and talked til 4 p..m..
Had to go say our good-byes to Charlotte and Lou as they'll be leaving Thurs. We arrived home at 7 p.m. A long but GREAT day. Oh, and to Faye and Ken....We finally met Dell and Jerry...what great players and NICE people. I didn't get any photos because of the rain...BUT keith and I are headed back to Hershey Sat. Sept.6th and I'll get some shots for the blog then..:)
Well, what do you know....I was able to up-load this second photo..:) The produce was just beautiful - Rutz is a huge place and you can shop til you drop.

"Roots" Farmers Market

In this neck of the woods you don't pronouce this ROOTS but RUTZ...It's only open on tuesdays and it's off route 72 near Manheim... We had a beautiful day on the 18th...Harry and Karen went with us. We ATE our way thru the market and boy is it good! I don't know why I couldn't up-load this photo, but I've been trying every since I last posted the photo of John. It just WOULDN"T up-load. So I tried ONE MORE TIME today and here it is. If you every come to Hershey and get the chance....go to RUTZ..:) You won't regret it!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

John's first time to camp at 8 weeks old

On Thurs. Aug. 14th Steve and Di surprised us and brought John to our campsite at Hershey. He was to his 8 week check up and weighs 11 1/2 lb. and is 23 1/2 inches long. He's holding his head by himself and is about a smidge from rolling over from his back to his stomach....He's so strong and we feel so blessed that his is so healthy. Oh, and he's sleeping from 9 to 5 - gets fed and changed and goes back til 7:30....I sure wish my boys would have done that. We just had a WONDERFUL DAY... I bought the outfit he's wearing when we were in Fl.... it says "on the move" with a camper on it.... How appropriate!

The Hot Tub was the next stop after Pickleball!

The Hot Tub at Hershey is large and beautiful....Harry, Karen and I joined Judy, Keith and Lee after I took this photo. It felt soooo good after 3 hours of pickleball! When we'd finished in the TUB, it was time to got back to the RV's and have some lunch and sit out under the trees and relax for the afternoon.

Lots of Pickleball !!!

Most everyday we played 3 hours of Pickleball. Here's Lou, Harry, Karen, Charlotte, and Keith. It was good to see Charlotte and Lou -we hadn't seen them since Fl.
We met Wayne and Nancy and hope to drive back to Hershey this weekend to play more with them. Cayton is now 10 1/2 and played 3 days...what an improvement he made by the third day. Cayton also fell into the swimming pool with all his clothes on after enjoying the ice cream sundaes at 7 p.m. He was shivering til he got back to the RV to get a hot shower....Hey, it gave everyone a good laugh...Thankgoodness he didn't lose his glasses!

Great friends Lee, Judy, and Nicki were with us for one week....sure hated to see them leave... We ALWAYS have so much fun with them. We wish them well on their trip out West - leaving right after Christmas! Have FUN and keep in touch!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Off to Thousand Trails Hershey

I know these photos are from 06 but the park is still the same. I won't have Wifi in the RV. Will have to go to the lodge so not sure how often I'll be on line. Please use the cell to call us. I'll be taking LOTS of photos:)
Looking forward to seeing lots of friends from all over the country....and just maybe the kids will come over and stay a night or two. Soooooo we're off.......

Monday, August 4, 2008

Photo Op with Great Grammie

Doesn't Mom look GREAT? John will be 6 wks old tomorrow, Tues. I had a hard time picking which photos to post, there were so many good ones. Some of you don't know that my Mom was 80 in Feb... she looks like my sister, not my Mom... Way to go Mom! Love you so much. This is her second great grandson.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Amy came to visit from Virginia

Amy is our neice and we love when she comes to visit...but 24 hours is just NOT enough time. That's all the time she had and we made the best of every min. It was so good to see her. I wish you could hear the laughter that took place around the dinner table. The stories just kept us all in stitches. Sat. we drove to one of our favorite health food stores near Kutztown and bought ALL the goodies we'd been wanting. Needless to say Amy had a ball...this was her first time there. On the way home we stopped for a delicious steak sandwich and fries. Sadly at 2:30 Amy had to start back home. Hey, if you'd like to read one of her published ariticles - pick up National Parks magazine - summer 2008 - she's the assistant editor and wrote "Pushing Boundaries". Enjoy! PLEASE come again soon Amy:)