Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thurs. April 29, 2010 - Ameristar Casino, Vicksburg, MS

The sun was shining and it was going to be another beautiful day to drive an easy 180 miles to The Ameristar Casino and RV Park in Vicksburg, MS. Harry and Karen were here about 2 weeks ago and were very pleased.
Told us the ins and outs of this Casino. FYI DON"T pull your RV into the Casino parking WILL get yelled at....and it's very hard to get out of the lot. Harry and Karen told us this too:) We listened, thanks. The RV park is just about a block down the road on the right..:)
The Mississippi River is so very impressive...and this bridge is awesome:) As soon as you cross the bridge you get off at Exit 1A and about 1/2 mile down the road is the Casino...Another easy off and on for 1-20.

The RV park was almost empty when we pulled in at 1:30....but within an hour it was 3/4 full! Glad we got here early. Also, IF you want to make reservations, you can and with that reservation you'll get 50 amp. The cost per night is $23. includes cable and...we received 2 complimentary breakfasts at the buffet for Friday. How NICE!

The Casino Hotel is just behind the fence and a shuttle is available 24/7 "on call" to take you to the Casino.

All you have to do is go into the check-in building and pick up the phone. In just a few min. the shuttle is there:)

We just think this RV Park is so neat and handy.

Oh, the buffet is open from 7 to 10 for breakfast, 11 to 2 for lunch and 4 til 9:30 for dinner. We missed the lunch so went over the dinner..

This is the view as you come out of the Casino....the drive way goes up like a roller coaster.

The entrance to the Casino from the parking lot. Wish I could have gotten some photos of the River etc...but couldn't get down to that area:(

Again we were told to get a rewards card and receive 2 complimentary dinners...but that was not being offered right now. Just remember to ask - they are always running different promotions.

We thought the food at the Horseshoe Casino in LA was better, but....the desserts at the Ameristar were outstandingly delicious....made fresh and decorated beautifully. Keith was really impressed.

Here the desserts are being preped just before going on the display.
I wish you could see them in person, they were perfect. And yes, Keith found lots of coconut too:)

April 28, 2010 - Horseshoe Casino, Shreveport LA

Wed....about 10 a.m. we said good bye to Lake Conroe and drove an easy 200 miles to Shreveport LA and the Horseshoe Casino. Keith and I would recommend this to anyone for an over nite stop. An easy off and on to 1/20. Our new friends, Roger and Linda told us about it and said that the food was very good too.
We parked the RV in the lot next to the only other RV....but, in less than an hour it was full! Glad we arrived by 2 p.m.:) Changed our clothes and made our way to the Casino. The greeter suggested that we get a rewards card since we were first timers here. Good thing too, it entitled us to 2 complimentary meals, which we used at the buffet. If we would have been staying for lunch on Thurs, we would have been given 2 complimentary lunches.

Anything with Coconut? I think Keith found more than one with coconut! Everything was so good and fresh:)


1 I couldn't believe the lady gave me this much ice cream...wish I could have served myself:) Oh well.!!!!
The only down side to staying in the parking lot would be the noise from the highway and the train whistles..
But like I said, for one night it was fine.

Friday, April 23, 2010

April 14, 2010 - TT Lake Conroe

When we got close to Conroe, we called Larry and he was already in his site and had one right across from him waiting for us... Isn't it nice to be greated like this?
This is what it looks like from the front of our RV... Larry has a nice pull thru site.

We have the corner site at F-73... The RV to our right is an on site about a quiet neighbor:) The roads are really in bad condition. Lots of the pull thru need work. But we were pleased that the grass is kept mowed. This park has lots of potential ...hope some money is spent on up-grading.

Fri. April 23rd 2010 - Happy Hour

I'm so disappointed that I don't have a photo of the group who played pickleball each day. Linda was going to send me the photo she took but she left for Dallas yest... Sorry:( Each day we have been here there are more and more players...At one point I think we had 16 or 18 which is very good for here.
Keith and I wanted to have the happy hour at our RV but the weather was iffy and so we used the pavilion and that worked out just fine. We were very pleased with the turnout.

Of course the dessert table was a favorite.

New friends from Fort Worth TX; Linda and Roger...GREAT PLAYERS.

Linda and Will who we met back in Jan. when we were headed west.

Phyllis is another new friend...her hubby Ron was taking it easy and didn't make the happy hour but they are VERY GOOD PLAYERS too. They have been full timers for 2 years.

Ya'll know Larry... He has helped Keith and I so much with our game...we can't thank him enough.

New friends Kelly, Rose and their granddaughter....Kelly would love to be playing but has had back problems...we all know about those right? Rose brought Keith's fav. dessert - Coconut Cream Pie!

Here's Trina who plays everyday and is a spitfire! And Casper who only plays occassionally. They are a real riot!!! Trina is a very good player!

The USAPA Assoc. Ambassadors for this area are Morgan and Piper. Morgan has had knee surg. and is just getting back on the court...Don't let this fool ya...he doesn't need to move much to get any ball he wants!

Brand new player Curtis... but you'd never know it...he picked up a paddle and hasn't stopped getting better and better...
Everyday we'd be up at the court by 9 and play til noon...then again meet back at the courts by 6 and play til ? It was GREAT! Thanks everyone.!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 12th 2010 - TT Lake Conroe, TX -

We'll be here at TT Lake Conroe til Wed. April 27th
May 2nd - Cleveland TN
May 3rd - Lexington KY
May 8th - Reading PA - home!

Sat. April 10,2010 - Andy and Leanne

Friday night, April 9th we took the Honda and drove from Columbus TX to Austin to be with Andy and Leanne for the weekend. We celebrated Andy's birthday on the way out west and now we're celebrating Keith's on the way east! It's ALWAYS a hoot to be with Andy and Leanne so we could hardly wait!

Sat. morning the 4 of us drove to Fredericksburg with no exact plan....except for the Bluebonnets loop. I took Rita (our GPS) and she took us a beautiful back road to the loop.

Andy stopped the car when we came upon this old house with all these bluebonnets.. The cameras came out and we had a ball. Everywhere you looked it was more beautiful. Our back road turned out to be just as great as the real loop.

Leanne, Andy and Keith in the flower patch:)

Yes, Andy is checking out the restaurant to see if this is where we wanted to eat once we got settled into Fredericksburg. The weather was wonderful - just perfect for walking.... and eating outside.

The drinks were yummy. It was just so darn hard to decide what to order, right Leanne?

On the way out of town is Wildseed Farms...WHAT A PLACE... acres and acres of flowers. It was very crowded since this is the peak weekend for the bluebonnets. Just getting a parking space was a challenge. It was so worth going there. Leanne wanted a few plants to replace some in their front yard that didn't make it over the winter, but, they didn't have any or were sold out.

Isn't this field of Red Corn Poppy just splendid?

Even tho this wall of flowers were about at their end...they were still awesome..

There were ponds upon ponds. Thought this little guy was so cute.

Besides having a band, they had this group making, baking and giving away biscuits.

This guy was in charge of the fire.

The end product was enjoyed by us all....mmmmm Keith liked them!

Austin was having a 3 day ROD cruise. Leanne suggested that we drive toward the capitol and see what was going on. Boy did she make Andy and Keith happy.

The street was lined with cars for miles...

Of course this 57 caught Keith's eye. What memories we both have of our 57's:)

By the time we got back to their house...we decided to call it a night. It was like 3 days into 1.
We were going to go back on Sunday to watch the parade, but it rained and we knew that most of the RODs would not be there.
Keith and Andy went to the store for seafood and they made Leanne and me pouched salmon. It was a perfect way to end a GREAT time tog.
Hang in there'll be on the road with us before you know it! Can't ya