Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sat. June 27th - 1st Birthday Party

Grampa Mike lovin' John.

John getting used to opening presents. What FUN!!!

Our dear friend, Donna, from DE. It was so good to have them visiting and able to be at the party. John wanted to wear her sun glasses.

A very neat see saw and airplane ride. John's other Grampa is helping him enjoy his first ride with friends.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Front Bedroom Finished!!!

The throw on the bed covers my ALL WHITE quilt because our cat, Nala, loves to sleep on this bed! Kathy and Scott gave us this throw which reads; Angels are Often Disguised as FRIENDS...Keith and I KNOW this to be very very TRUE!
These dolls were gifts from 2 different friends. I've named them "The Marie & Marj, Michele & Mindy" dolls. Those of you who don't know...Michele and I are the blonde sisters...and Marj and Mindy are the brunnettes. And, the beautiful pillow sham was a gift from Sharron. Who knew that when she gave it to me that it would be the perfect accent to tie the room together? Thanks!

We'd never done an accent wall color before. Keith really liked this color which Steve and Di used in their home. We are very pleased with the result. A lot of work, and we're not sure we'll ever do it again. This is one of the quilts I've made over the years. We don't plan on keeping this futon in this room forever, but the quilt sure does look nice on it.

This is a shot from the hallway into the room. We like having the hardwood floors exposed. Well, this room is FINALLY not a KIDS or TEENS room!


Keith's first Father's Day as a Papa! We had lunch at Steve, Di, and John's...Then they came down to us for supper.. He's not just walking....he's almost running. HOW did this happen SO FAST?


Poor, John. He just couldn't understand why we couldn't go outside to play. I can't remember a spring when it rained as much as it has this year. Keith finally took the rug dr. out on the deck and used it to help dry the carpet.

Celebrating 13 years Cancer Free with Friends!

It's been forever since the 6 of us had gotten together....and we only live miles apart! We had a wonderful time at dinner and then back to Harry and Karen's for a "Yak" session til 10p.m. From left: Tom, Loraine, Keith , Me, Karen and Harry. It was a great way for me to celebrate 13 years cancer free!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

11 months old and I"M WALKING!!!

He sure is growing up!!! Everyday now, John is getting better and better at walking. It's so much fun watching him manuveur with his arms up in the air like a baby monkey. I know that sounds funny, but it's the best I can do at explaining.

Completed Bathroom

Keith took the old toilet out and had to make these repairs before he could start putting the flooring down.

Here's the finished project. The room looks larger and so much brighter! I love it ...Keith says he's NEVER doing the flooring again. I think the closet took him longer to cut and put in than the rest of the project. While he was doing the closet, I was painting the front guest room. I was finished painting 3 walls and the ceiling and he was still working on that closet. We're both glad this job is complete!!!

Our Driveway Sealed!!! And Keith didn't do it!!!!

This is before....

This is AFTER!!!!

I know this isn't exciting to some...BUT TO KEITH IT IS!!! For the first time EVER, Keith didn't have to do this messy, dirty job. Didn't have a back ache for days afterward either. When Keith did do this job it took him about a week..filling in the cracks and all. These 2 guys did it in 45 min.!!! And they guarantee their work for 3 years! We were so pleased with them that we asked for estimates for our kids driveways.. They both have anniversaries this month, so we told them this was the "TAR" Anniversary.. They are happy they don't have to do the messy, dirty job either!!

Working on more improvements!

The middle of May we decided to put indoor/outdoor carpet on the deck. John was not walking yet and we knew we couldn't let him crawl around the deck without it. We love the new area. It's like having another room. We LIVE outside on the deck; have breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever we can. Right now Keith is shopping for a new grill! Mitch, you can be sure I'll send photos of the new GRILL when he gets it!!!
We've sorta done this project backwards. The roof should have been put on first, but, that wasn't meant to be this least so far.