Monday, April 8, 2013


This party came about because Nell had never had funnel cake so Donna hosted the first party in Peace River.  The word got around and others who never had funnel cake BEGGED Nell to do a second party in Orlando.  Here we are with 4 personal induction cook tops frying up the cakes to about 20 or more.  
Mitch and Barb are telling about their BIG FOOT sighting... REALLY TRUE ask them!
Brian and Barry after eating too many funnel cakes:)
Mitch, Barry, Gene and Lou. Lou was the one who BEGGED Nell to have this party..He never had a funnel cake before either.
Carol, Nell, Vicki, and Bob laughing at the stories being told...It sure was a fun afternoon.
Last Call for Funnel Cake....... Guess we'll be doing this again in Chesapeake the way it sounds..Jerry and Sally couldn't be here - but they will be in Va...  

Pickleball Courts at Orlando Thousand Trails

The tennis court on the left will stay as is; but here are the 2 new courts on the other tennis court which is no more.   The holes are in place for the poles to be put in....Thanks to Earl and his team for doing all this work.  It really looks nice.. They do need more paint to finish but have been told that will be coming also.   Soon there will be 3 courts to play on instead of 2!  

Happy Birthday Keith....68 years old today! Love you Honey!

Keith's request was for a COCONUT CAKE...So that's what I made!!yes, I MADE it!! Used coconut oil - coconut extract - coconut flakes in the batter and the icing...Toasted coconut and almonds with dark choc. drizzled on top..