Wednesday, February 25, 2009

NEW Bosch Cook Top - FINALLY!!!!

I was so excited for today....the new cook top was going to be installed! It looks better in our kitchen than in the showroom! I LOVE IT... The installers got here at 11 and were out of here at 12;15.. They were very nice, neat and clean,...brought their own vac. cleaner to boot. Now were set to have friends over for dinner...COME ON OVER...:)
The black enamel looks great with our black oven and microwave. Next wee the refrig. is coming! YEAH.

Monday, February 23, 2009


This is all that's left ! I forgot to take a photo before hand... But you get the idea... Cupcakes are so easy - everyone can just pick one up and EAT IT! Thanks for making them Vivien:)

More Birthday Fun!

14 of us met at the Chinese Buffet.... Here's Brad and Vivien
Dad and Mom

Larry and Michele

AND...John and me! He's my buddy! After the dinner - we came back to our house and played FAST TRACK...!! Vivien made the cupcakes...I'm gonna try and get that photo on here too.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


O.K...this is a little backward...don't know why this happens...:( This is my first birthday as a "Mimi" to was almost his bedtime when we got to their can see how enthused he is Ha.
Now, the signs were for the fireplace that I'm standing in front of...But Keith thought it would be funny so here's the shot :) We were at Shady Maple for my FREE birthday dinner. Keith's favorite night at Shady is Wed..Prime Rib night...just so happens - My birthday was on Wed. Feb. 18th!!!

Back to John giving me my gift...It was so much can't help but laugh when you're around him - look at those "devilish" eyes...

This was what our plates looked like before we stared to eat...everything was so good and just look at that Prime Rib mmmmm

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hope this one wins!!!!

Live with Regis an Kelly are having the Gerber Baby Contest again this year and we THINK this is the photo that the kids are going to enter....At least WE think it's a WINNER..:)

Dinner with Michele and Larry

Keith and I worked all Friday and Sat. on home improvements...painted the kitchen and dining room includeing ceilings. We had most everything cleaned up and back on the walls when Michele called and asked us to join them for dinner at our favorite Chinese Buffet....YES.... It was so great and delicious...mmmmmm