Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Cakes by Vivien

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress!!!

Michele sent me this photo after she attended a bridal shower where they had to dress the bridal party in toilet paper. She asked if I had ever seen or done this.. I hadn't and thought you all might enjoy seeing how creative they were.

Thurs. Sept. 24th

This is Dr. Pam, my plastic surg. I met her 13 years ago when she did my reconstruction surg. She and I have many interests in common including quilting. Come Dec. she is retiring - sad for me. BUT, she's invited me to visit her at their farm where she will be raising alpaca...spinning yarn and wants to also learn to weave. The land has been purchased...the house and barn etc must be it will be at least a year. I gratefully accepted the invite.
After we got home from Dr. Pam's appt. - Becky came for breakfast and to pick up ALL the soda cans, tabs. and box tops for kids that most of you have been saving for Cayton. They say a BIG THANKS to EVERYONE for helping for this project to help Autism. Keep saving them!

Brad, Vivien, Keith and I went to dinner at the Greshville Inn near Boyertown. We hadn't been there for over 20 years. It's still the same inside and the food is still VERY GOOD. We needed a night with these two....we've both been so busy and before we know it, we'll be leaving in the RV.

Wed. Sept 23rd - Marathon Day

Keith and I had to drive to Harrisburg...unexpectedly. So we ran around getting everything we needed to drop off at Henderson Tarp in Middletown and left home at 11:30. Our appt. was at 1 p.m. so I called Dawn and Carlton to see if we could stop by Hershey Thousand Trails to say our good byes. We were with them from 2:30 to 4:30. Got a call from Pam and Gene while we were visiting....they insisted we stop by to visit with them in Robesonia on our way home.
Here's Gene and Pam's twin grandbabies. Above is Trevor Ray; the broozer! Gene and Pam came up from Fl. to help with the new born twins; born 1 month ago. They will be heading back to Fl. when the twins are 8 weeks old.

This is Liza Mae and what a princess she is. We've been up to see the twins right after they were born...can't believe how they've changed and grown.
We got home at 10 p.m.!

Tues. Sept. 22nd - Lee and Judy to the rescue

The slide motor FINALLY came in. Our appt. was at 9 a.m. We called Lee and Judy who just came back from a 9 month trip in their RV. Their RV and ours is identical; just 2 years difference in age. As soon as they heard that we were at Grumbine's RV just 15 miles from their home, they insisted on taking us to breakfast. Here we are at the best little Deli having the special; THE TURBO! We sat and traded information about what they learned on their trip...and we shared anything we knew about the RV. It's always good to be with these two...they are the BEST!!! Thanks you guys:)

Monday 21st - John for the day

Steve and Di were having new windows installed so we had John for the day. He really likes to go for wagon rides.
Reading books is still the first thing John wants when he comes in the door. So before Di left she read just one more to him.:)

I couldn't resist this shot. It reminded me of the little boy in Forest Gump...when Forest asked if the little boy was his.

Just one more photo of John hanging out our livingroom window. Now that he's bigger, he knows to look for the traffic going by the front of our house...especially the TRUCKS.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grandparents Day

Keith, John and Steve outside the diner....
Steve called early, said John was up and dressed and did we want to go to breakfast with he and John. Di was on call this weekend.

Can you see how FULL that little belly is? He just ate and ate.

Sept. 12th - Pig Roast

Friends of my parents have a huge Pig Roast every year.. This year we were asked to go too. This photo shows my mother with Connie, the hostess, in front of 1/2 the pig. On Aug. 31st Mom and Dad celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary.
Dad and Izzi discussing how much corn and soy Izzi planted and what new equipment he bought this year. Izzi and Connie's business is mindboggling.

Everyone gathered in these buildings - there must have been hundreds coming and going all day. The pig, baked pot, corn on the colb , and drinks were supplied by Izzi and Connie...Everything else was brought by EVERY person who came... The food was endless . and ..of course just down home delicious.

These two minnie goats just waddles on down the road and into the buildings making everyone take a second look and then laugh.

A Farmall tractor was what my Grandfather Huyett had and Dad told Keith....this is a series 1 and the one they had was a 4.... At any rate...ANY equipment is interesting to my Dad . This was the ONLY photo Dad would pose for. He really enjoyed this day.

Izzi's newest truck. Dad wanted a photo of it! Dad drove truck all his life beside being brought up on a farm....and working as a Mech. Draftsmen. He loved driving and finally gave it up when he was 72.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just in; Cakes by Vivien

Some cake photos from this summer...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept 10th - Papa, read me a book.

Steve gets John from day care on his way home each day... They stopped by to say hi. As soon as John comes in the house he wants Keith to read some books to him.

Sept. 8th - CLAM BAKE

Barb and Mitch are our RV friends who live in their RV full time. They happened to be in Hershey so we decided to have them over for a PA Clambake. They are originally from MN and said they have fish boils not clambakes.
The "boys" working on the cleaning the clams and filling the bags. Keith, Mitch and Harry.

Mitch and Keith taking the food out of the POT!

The clams being put in the bags.

Karen and Barb taking pictures of the table BEFORE we all sat down to this feast.

The clambake included clams, shrimp, lobster tail, white and sweet potatoes, and corn on the colb. Dessert was my peach crumb pie. The guys started the day with beer ...then beer for some and wine for others during dinner ....and Keith's kahlua and creme after dinner. We had the pie hours one could eat another bite right after the bake.

Harry was manning the corn on the cob on the grill. Aprons provided by Keith:)

Sept 5th - Blueberry Pancakes

Steve called and asked if he and John could come down for breakfast.... OF COURSE I said.... I love making pancakes for the family. John really likes fruit so I made blueberry pancakes. The dish he's eating out of was MY baby dish. My Mom gave it to me to use for John. That dish has been used by ALL my sisters and's a very heavy old dish that has a very nice wide rim so little ones can get the food on their spoon easily. John just ate and ate and ate.... My heart was happy!

Brad and Pickleball days

The SMILE says it all. Brad was at our site at 7:30 a.m..!!! He LOVES to play this game. He came back for a second day of ball, swimming, eating and just plain being with us...
Jettye is walking toward the camera. She and her hubby, Bob are from AZ and hosted a covered dish Sat. night...I can't believe I forgot my camera that night so I have no photos:( All 18 of us had a delicious meal and lots of conversation. Maybe we'll get to see them when we're in AZ this winter!

Keith, John, Ede, Dawn and Carlton. I believe there were about 20 playings most days.

Monday Aug. 17th - Steve, Di, and John

Steve, Di and John came for the day...their ONLY vacation due to both their schedules. We were so happy to have them with us for a day. It was a very hot and beautiful day so we were off to the pool as soon as it opened.
I know these photos aren't in order and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, but at least I've got them on the blog..Ha. After a swim and a nap we walked over to the store for some ICE CREAM... John REALLY likes ice cream...can you tell?

Keep it comin' Dad...mmmmmmm

So much fun in the water...John couldn't get enough. He wasn't afraid at all. Just loves the water like his Dad did as a baby. What great memories we have.

O.K...I'm ready to go swimming!!!

I'll try and catch up since Aug.

On Sunday Aug. 16th Harry, Karen, Keith and I traveled over to Hershey Thousand Trails to enjoy some time together; Have family come over to visit and to play pickleball with friends from all over the country. Here's our sites right next to each other....and that was a real challenge as they were the ONLY two sites tog. It was very full...had never seen it this full. As the days went by and it got closer for schools to start it emptied out.