Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mommy cut my hair!

John looks so cute with his hair cut... His hair was beautiful but always in his face... Here his is on the rocking horse Samantha brought:) He's tall enough to have his feet on the floor, but Papa is holding on just in case.

After working outside all day....

It wasn't til noon that we started the mad dash to get as much done as possible as the rain is coming tonight and will last all day tomorrow. We needed to get the mulch down so the soil won't make a muddy mess.
John came at 11 a.m and just loved being outside with Mimi and Papa, watching us work.

By 4 p.m. we were beat. All the plants were in the ground even if they aren't where they're supposed to be. I'll get them in the right places when the weather is nicer...that might be next week.

We felt like we did so much - yet it doesn't look like much. We're sure it'll look much better when it's all done and the flowers bloom. Over all we think the stamped concrete was the best way to really makes such a good difference. One more project checked off our "to do" list.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nine Months Old!

Hey, I now have 4 teeth, can stand on my own, drink out of a cup; not a bottle and ........
Think I'm really smart cause I can climb a flight of stairs! I'll be 9 months old on Tues.!

Saturday - It's looking even better!

It just keeps looking better and better. Eric came yesterday - took off the framing, brushed and washed; then used a cleaner. The last thing he did was put the first coat of the sealer on. Monday he'll stain the landing just outside the front door. It's hard to believe it's not real slate. Eric had more than 10 inquiries or requests for estimates since he started our job. We can't believe how many cars do a "slow drive by" or stop for the phone number on Eric's all the passersby who stop and admire his work.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday's progress on the Walkway and Steps

Friday at 5 p.m.
This stamping process is really something to watch being done. What a GREAT effect! At the end of Friday the top picture shows the progress. Today the landing coming out our front door will be stained and Monday he will be doing the sealing. Boy will we have TONS of yard work to do after he's finished!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Demolition of the front walkway and steps

I took this shot after the front steps were gone.
This is a shot from our front window after they removed all the old cement walkway and steps.

There goes the front steps! along with the other steps and walkway. It rained til noon and they worked at framing up the area for the cement to be poured today... I'll post the progress as they go. This project wasn't supposed to start for at least another week. Got a call from Eric asking if Thurs and Friday were o.k. to do the work. The sooner the better !

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

That's MY Papa taking my picture!
John came for a few hours yest. One of his favorite things is hanging out the window to say "HI" and "GOOD BYE". He looks so proud of himself (even tho I'm right behind him - he's standing on my knee). Di dressed him in this adorable St. Patrick's Day outfit.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bathroom Progress....

The top photo was taken on Tues. March 10th - Keith worked so hard to get this was not an easy job. Again thanks to Tom for helping make this job a success. By Thurs. night we were both anxious to have this part of the bathroom project complete. But I couldn't even begin to paint til Keith was finished with fitting everything in just the way he wanted it. The bottom photo is me putting the 1st coat of paint on the walls -Friday late afternoon. It was starting to look good. Sat. morning we were up early and I think it was 7 a.m. when the 2nd coat of paint was going on. Keith was putting the last 1/4 round on the baseboards thru out the kitchen, dining room and living room. In between the 2nd and 3rd coat in the bathroom, I painted the 1/4 round. It was such a good feeling to KNOW that this was going to DONE. We did stop to eat breakfast at 10:30 when Steve and John popped in to say hi. At 4 p.m. I mentioned to Keith that I was really hungry for a V&S Steak Sandwich and FRIES! Next thing I knew, he was on the phone and ordering our supper. Keith put about half the furniture back before he left for the food. I took over and the "putting back" part and took a shower...It felt soooooooo good. We shared the steak sandwich and fries and had fresh strawberries for dessert. It was a perfect way to end the day. Our bodies were telling us to DO NO MORE - REST - RELAX. and we did. I'm very pleased with the progress so far. The flooring might be here this week...and we have to go for the new toilet. Today it's Sunday . We were up early and to the RV - still in storage for 1 more month. Did the food shopping and we've decided to take the day to relax!!! Tomorrow we'll be at it again.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dear God....

No matter what he's asking for.......I BET he'll get it!

Mommy and ME

So far this is my favorite photo of Di and John. I'm definitely having it enlarged and framed! She's such a GREAT MOM to John... I am so blessed!

GERBER BABY for sure!

Di shared this photo with us yest... This one is truly precious... Keith was the one to say it was the Gerber Baby

Old Bathroom Medicine Cabinet from the 50's

This is all backwards again...but you'll get the idea....:) Keith is checking on the fit for the new medicine cabinet....the lights come down next. I'll keep you posted .
Here's the beginning of the demolition.

Now for the bathroom ! Here is the orig. medicine cabinet that was in our house when it was built in the 50's. We started the remodel many years ago...did the floor and vanity and then came all the expenses of college and weddings. The biggie was,....Keith and I couldn't agree on what we liked as far as a mirror, etc. so the remodel just stopped. So happy it's on the move again.

Motorcycle Buddies:)

Hey,'s your old bike! Steve and John just LOVE it! John thinks he's flying!
The bike has been in the garage all winter...but these two buddies just have to go out and at least sit on it!

Drapes finished in the living room

I know this isn't a very good shot, but it's the best I could do. The curtains look great, so glad they're up and that job is complete. We love the new windows that were installed in 2007...what a difference they've made in the heating bills. Not only that...I love how easy they are to more leaning out the 3rd story windows! YEAH.. AND I can do it all by myself!

My handy MAN ! ! one project after another..

We took down the drapes so Keith could fill in the cracks and I could paint. Steve and Di gave us the very long rod from their dining room cause they didn't need it ...and we did. It worked out great. Here's Keith putting that rod up so I could put up the upper drapes.

Photos of the Little Man - Now 8 mos. & some it's after Valentine's Day....Who could NOT love this little cupid? He's now 8 months old and crawling on all 4's - pulling himself up and standing by himself. Yes, Now we have to think about our deck and how we'll have to do SOMEHTING to make it safe for John. Spring is just around the corner!

The little things that make me happy..

The bottom of this door was really ratty looking ... Keith picked up this brass kick plate and asked Stu to take 1/8 inch off each side. Thanks so much STU...I love the NEW look! Like I said - it's the little things that make me happy:) Keith did this project before the refrig. arrived. He just has to be busy busy busy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Out with the OLD - in with the NEW !

Here's the NEW REFRIG! It arrived today instead of Monday due to the SNOW, ICE, and WIND. But it's in now and looks good.
And here's the OLD refrig... it lasted 21 years so we can't complain about that, but we didn't want to press our luck since we are away in the RV for long stretches and don't want to have any surprises when we come home.
We looked at dishwashers, but our Kitchen Aid works great so think we'll put that off for now. It sorta sticks out being that it's off white..That's the way it goes. The flooring will be the next thing to replace but we haven't found what we like or have agreed on. It's not an emergency and not sure we could pull off getting it in before Easter when we have a house full.

Fried Turkey with Jim and Sandy - mmmmm

Well, they finally made it!...We've been trying to get tog. for over a year. Jim only had fried turkey one time before and it wasn't very good as he puts it...BUT now he's had one of Keith's and as you can was a beautiful table and by the end of the meal...there wasn't much turkey left. They also really enjoyed the wine from Lakeside Winery in Clermont Fl... It was so much fun to laugh and catch up on so many of our mutual interests.. More on that in another post.... Keith and I ordered the oval mirror/med. cab. and lights which will be delivered next Tues.. turns out that Jim and Sandy put the exact same mirror in their 2nd home in N.Y..and the old med. cab. is EXACTLY the same one that we have in our home now....the one that was put in when the house was built in the 50's.. I'll send before and after photos when all these new items are installed. Just goes to show that GREAT people have Good TASTE