Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Outfit and other photos of John

Here's our little CANDY CORN!!! Isn't he the cutest?
John is getting at least 3 more back teeth. And they say when he's sitting in his car seat and sees trucks or buses...he says WOW WOW WOW..:)

John just LOVES being outside and having the wind blow in his face... Di's Dad sent us these photos and said that John used his truck bed as a play pen that day.



JAN. 23-25 - AUSTIN TX
FEB. 12 - 20TH - TEMPE, AZ
FEB. 20 - 28 - SUN CITY, AZ


O.K...I'll try again.

Our Itinerary at the present....


Oct. 23 - Wedding Reception

The Sunset Harbor Yacht Club was right on the water and it was just a perfect night with a gorgeous view.
Ryan and Scottie entering the reception as Mr and Mrs

The best man and maid of honor

Mother and Son dance for Scottie and Kathy...

Little TJ was still going strong at 9 p.m. but had taken off his vest and socks and shoes...Keith and I thought this made a great photo for the family.

Oct. 23 - Photos after the Wedding

Kim, Scott, Ryan, Scottie, Kathy and TJ on the ground
TJ on the lawn

Ryans father, Tom, Ryan, Scottie, Wynn and TJ

Oct. 23 - Scott, Jr and Ryan's Wedding

Rev. Epps.
TJ didn't go down the isle as ring bearer...even tho he started down that isle 3 times, but ever time cameras popped out to take his photo, he'd turn and run back... Then, Ryan came and started down the isle. TJ then took her train in one hand and the pillow with the rings in the other and this is the shot I got at the back of the church.

Lighting of the Unity Candle

Ryan and Scottie

Scott Jr, Scott Sr, Kathy and Kim before the wedding

Brad and Scottie

Seabreeze United Church of Christ - one block from the Daytona Beach shore

Oct. 22 - Wedding Rehearsal for Scott and Ryan

I was so happy to be able to take photos at the rehearsal of Scott, Jr. and Ryan's wedding. The pastor said to just ignore little TJ and just go ahead with the rehearsal. They did and he really gave me some great shots..

Left to right: Kim, best man, Brad Fidler, Ryan, Kathy and TJ

Pastors' wife and dau....Sharon and Kate

Not a cloud in the sky - what a morning to see these planes practicing this formation. I just asked Gene about this community and he said that it was a WWII Navy Air Base. In 1970's it was developed into this Fly-In community with beautiful golf course and it's all gated.
For those NASCAR fans...Mark Martin and Skinner live here. John Travolta used to live here but his new jets were too large to land here. So he moved. We had lunch at the country club and Mark Martin and his family were sitting right next to us... He is such a down to earth guy and the reason he likes it here is because everyone treats him as "just another pilot". No one bothers them for autographs etc. He has such a nice family.

Pam and Gene's home is right at the end of the runway....From first light til after dark you can hear the planes taking off and landing. It's fun to sit here in their livingroom and watch the activity.

Hanger Toys

Yes, there are MANY RV's in these hangers too... This is just one I saw sitting outside this particular day.
Believe it or not...these RV's do fit in the hangers...they have a LIFT the allows the doors to be raised higher so the RV can drive in. The hanger our RV is in has a nice shiny 45 ft. BLUE BIRD sitting next to it. Makes ours look like a baby.

Planes at the Fly-In

I couldn't resist the "Diamond Di" plane! On this particular morning a group of pilots were getting ready to go up and work on a six plane formation. Most of the pilots here are military vets and retired commercial pilots. They are all so very very proud of what they did in their lives and their planes are immaculate.

Oct. 22 - Views around the Fly-In Community

Here at the Fly-in the planes have the right of way! If you see a plane, you must get over into a driveway until they go by. Often when Pam and I are out in the golf cart taking Snuggles, their dog, out for a run, we must pull over so a plane can go by. It's quite a sight.
The houses have hangers attached to them for their planes. The hangers hold all kinds of TOYS besides planes. I took most of these photos while riding in the golf cart with Pam one day. This is the back of this home and if you can see behind the plane is an enclosed pool area, then the house.

This is how the hangers open. I HOPE you can all get an idea of what this is's quite something. Keith and I had NEVER heard of or seen anything like this before we came here to Gene and Pam's.

Oct. 20th - Gene and Pam's Home

I wanted these photos to be switched, but Oh well... Above is the new deck fully equiped with kitchen and plenty of seating for MANY guests. It is a perfect place to sit and enjoy a drink ANYTIME of the day. The temps have been in the 80's during the day and 60's at night...just perfect. We pulled the RV in their drive way to the left of this only stayed there for a day and then we took it over to the hanger where it will stay til a few days before we leave. The rules are that you can't have an RV in your drive for more than a few days. Their home is just beautiful and we always enjoy our time here at the FLY -IN community. More photos to follow.

Oct. 19th - King George Pk in GA

We left SC and drove to one of the RPI (Resorts Parks International) parks which cost us $13. 56 for one night with 50 amp service, water and sewer. We've stayed here before and it's a perfect spot to stop before ending up in Fl.
This is a very small park with only 28 spots all on grass. You MUST arrive and check in BEFORE 6 p.m. or the gate is closed and locked! We have used this park before and knew we should arrive early as it fills up quickly by afternoon. We arrived by 2 p.m... and we were on our way the next day by 10 a.m. Just a one day stop over.:)

Oct. 16th - Visiting Andy and Mary

We drove to Charleston and spent the day with Mary and Andy, friends we made at Lazydays in Tamps 2 years ago. They were so kind and drove us all over Charleston. It was not a very weather nice rained, was cold and foggy. But we still enjoyed our time.
This was my lunch at the Charleston Crab House on the water. The shrimp were grilled to perfection.

Keith's lunch of soft shell crab sandwich. He was really happy with his meal. We would go back to this place again....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Summerton, SC

Left Chesapeake Thousand Trails at 8 a.m. - The rain started about 10 and got worse as we got closer to SC.
We arrived at Big Water RV about 4. FYI - for those using a GPS, don't use the 5215 Dingle Pond Road address because it takes you further than you have to go and....way out in the boon docks...miles past where the campground is. It's best to follow the directions in the ROD book. Take it from don't want to go the wrong way.
All the sites are pull thru which made it nice for Keith being that it was raining when we got here. He only unhooked the Honda today. This is a very big place and very well managed. We won't hesitate to stop here again.

I had so many great shots of this place I didn't know what to show you... The pools are closed now but you can only imagine how full it is in season. As I said, it's an ROD park, so if you're a will cost nothing.

MX Dinner prepared by Mitch

All I know is Mitch makes a mean pina colada with rum...I forget the name of that drink, sorry Mitch. But boy is it good~~~!! It made Barb and I happy! Every night the 4 of us would play Hand and Foot ( a card game for those of you who don't know). We will really miss these two and look forward to time with them again somewhere down the road...Be safe.
Mitch making the grilled food. You just had to be there to enjoy the smell.

Mitch's famous drink by the pitcher

Our farewell mexican dinner with Mitch, Barb, Faye, Ken, Keith and I. Everything is always so darn good.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Kid

Steve and Di took John to the pumpkin patch and hay ride. They said John had a ball and didn't want to leave.