Friday, January 29, 2010

Fri. Jan. 29th - To Casa Grande, AZ

At St. David RV Resort they had this little area set up like an old was really cute.
On the way out of town...just had to show you their little barber tues. and friday... it is 1/2 the size of our shed at home:)

Traveling on 1-10 West to Casa Grande, two large full cattle trucks passed us going 75 mph *(which is the speed limit around here). One of them kicked up a rock and it hit our side dinette window. Sounded like a bullet hitting us. There was NO WAY I was going to try and catch up to them... So when we got to the RV park today we called GMAC and they were great. A window repair man is coming to the site on Monday at 9 a.m...they say he's the BEST IN THE WORLD>...O>K> Thankfully, the rock didn't hit the windshield!

After Keith spent 45 min. setting up it was 2 p.m.. We were hungry... It felt so good to be in 70 degree weather... The sweat shirts had to come off and finally opened the windows.. AH, now this is AZ!

Happy to sit down and eat at last.

And..Nala loved being able to get comfortable in the SUN on the dashboard again!

Tues. Jan. 26th - From Fabens TX to St. David AZ

Left Fabens at 7:30 a.m.
Just over the New Mexico border there was a very strange smell....turned out to be cattle...lots and lots of cattle...for miles and miles that all we saw.

We were stopped at this Border Patrol Checkpoint. They were looking for a child that was kidnapped. They didn't make us pull over...just waved us thru.

The views were magnificent..

AND into Arizona we went...and drove for miles and miles again.

Finally our destination...St. David... AZ..

Monday Jan. 25th - From Austin to Fabens TX

At 3:30 a.m. we left Austin - and down the road we went...and went...and seemed like forever.
The sun came out and even tho it was very was so beautiful...everywhere we looked..just beautiful.

AND. finally there was the sign for Fabens. Friends Pam and Joe told us about the Cattleman's Steak House in Fabens..and we just had to go there. So, we got off exit 49 and headed north into the desert for 5 miles...There is NOTHING and then you see it...The ranch! It is so just can't believe your eyes. There were 3 we just sat in the RV trying to decide which way to go...when...there was a jeep with a very nice smiling fellow. Asked if we were there for the night..we shook our heads yes ..with that...he said follow me.
We drove thru the first wrought iron gate and went up one level...then another..and finally another. That's where they park the RV's for the night. As long as you eat there you can park there free. No hook ups tho. It was about 1 p.m.

We were the only RV there on this Monday night.. This is their off time right now. It was very quiet and Keith and I were just happy to be parked after a long day of driving. Time for showers! The restaurant opens at 5.

This is the menu.. Something for everyone.

Now that we were all cleaned up...we decided to walk around the grounds... AND call home!

This place is just undiscribable. So IF you ever get the chance...take exit 49!

Keith and I just enjoyed the dinner so much we're thinking about stopping back on the way home...we'll see.

As the sun set we were eating our homemade ice cream for dessert. What a wonderful experience! A memory we'll have forever. :) When the sun went down it got very cold...I think it was 32 in the morning...glad for our furnace!... Would love to see this place in the spring or summer.

Jan. 24th - Cooking Lesson

Andy was really hungry for peach cobbler... So Keith showed him his "butter crumb topping" recipe and just how to handle it... It was just delicious:) mmmmm

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday - Jan. 25th - Happy Birthday Andy!!!

We celebrated Andy's birthday on Sunday...because we were leaving at 3 a.m. to drive West! Watched the Saints win to make them SO HAPPY! Looking forward to seeing them again on the flip:)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday - Jan. 24th - Austin - the SECOND DAY

This is Rocky and Freddie.....very loving and sweet cats.


Leanne, Andy and Keith in front of their home.

They took us to brunch at Magnolia's ....Keith was very happy. It was delicious:)

The look of the inside of this restaurant.

Thought we'd have Leanne take our photo....:)

On to the Capital..:) It is so impressive...TEXAS PRIDE! The workmanship EVERYWHERE is 100%.

Keith had to stand behind me so I could take this photo of the ceiling... You must see this in person..

The Treasury.

The floor ....

On to the Driskill Hotel... As the history is told...this hotel was going to be demolished but...Since Lyndon Johnson and Lady Bird had their first date at the Driskill, they sold stocks to save the building... I made the long story short!

The Driskill Hotel is one of the most expensive in the area...

This is an area just outside the Driskill Restaurant and the bar... A Cowskin sofa!

TRY AGAIN!!!! Sat. Jan. 23rd - Austin - DAY ONE

Arrived in Austin at 10:30 a.m. Andy was waiting for us in his driveway. So good to see his FACE!!!!
This is Andy's DREAM car...a Cobra. There were 8 of them at the place we went for lunch,. he went WILD

Here we are at Rudy's for briskit - and boy was it good.

THE TWO BUDS....since they were 10 and 11 years old! They NEVER run out of things to talk about.

This was so good and we were so hungry!!!

Next it was on to Lake Travis which is actually the Colorado River *(not the big Colorado River). This was at the very top of the Marina leading down to the water.

This is a shot across the lake and where the steps are going up and where the water level should be. ...
50 ft. lower.

This is where I took the photos from....can you beleive it's so low - they really need rain...they've had 2 years of drought.:(

Leanne called for us to pick her up from work at the airport.... Then we went to Salt Lick for supper...we waited for 45 min. - there were a hundred people ahead of us! We sat outside and listened to the live entertainment...and TALKED...

All the food is cooked in this pit and it smells so good. ...

Here we are sitting by the fire outside.... What a unique can bring your own beer cause they don't serve it.