Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mr. Blue Eyes!!!

How can you resist these BIG BLUE EYES?....they are so beautiful... Thanks to Michele for taking this shot:)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My niece, Samantha and her mom, Mindy below were really funny, play fighting over John...they each got their turn:)

My sister, Michele and my Dad with John. Everyone wanted their time with John....he was really passed around that day. You'd never know it tho, he was the best little boy. Just slept when he was tired even with all the noise. He slept from 9:30 that night til 5:30 a.m..took a bottle and slept til 7:30. Now that's a good boy!

Here we are just before the party was from 10 a.m. til 5 p.m. It was so much we were catering again...but only for ONE JOB..Ha. About 38 people came. Steve and Di were so happy with how it relaxed and smooth...
Here's my Uncle Brad and God Father....and Aunt Vivien too...I love them so... Thanks Aunt Vivien for my GREAT cupcakes!

Open House Party for John's Baptism

Vivien make the cupcakes for John's Party and not only were they beautifully done - they were DELICIOUS!!!
Since it was an open house the cupcakes were perfect...the last people didn't see a "cut up cake". Everyone loved this idea.
I'm having trouble putting more than 2 photos on the blog at a time so you'll have to bear with me:)

This is what the cupcake pyramid looked like....The cupcakes with the "shell" on them are handmade choc..mmmm The ones with JGR on them are put on 1/2 a choc cookie... the icing was made to look like sand. The "shell" was the theme for the baptism and a real shell was used to baptise John.
More photos to come:)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oct. 23rd...RV off to the Garage

Well,,,,this is the first time we've had the RV winterized in 5 years... the first time for this one. Yest. we took it from this place to the garage to have the safety check and oil change before we take it to the "under roof" storage....:( Spring is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!! hehe.

Baptism in MD. -Sunday Oct. 19, 2008

After the service we all went back to Di's parents house for a delicious buffet...Can you tell John loved getting out of that outfit and into some comfy clothes? We arrived back home in Pa. at 7 P.M... a very long day!
Sorry these photos are out of order:( This is after the bottle... Oh, and didn't say that the 6 month old outfit JUST fit - actually, the back buttons opened during the service.. One more week and he wouldn't have fit into it!
Our little redhead!

Ah, now this is what I needed after that long morning...Great Grammie had just the ticket! MMMMM

It was a glorious day driving the 2 1/2 hours in the crisp fall air looking at the beautiful colored leaves with the sun shining all the way to a little country church in MD. It was a long morning for John but he did great! The pastor was afraid to put the water on his head fearing that he'd cry...she doesn't know our John..she could have poured the whole basin over his head and he wouldn't cry, he loves it! What a great day!

Friday, October 17, 2008

This is our 15 lb. Pumpkin....:)

Yep...he's 15 lb. now and in the first stages of trying to crawl! Still getting between 4 and 5 oz. of formula every 3 hours.... Some of you have asked how many days we have John... We USUALLY get him on Monday Thurs. and Friday from 6:45 til 12:30....Tues and Wed. all day from 6:45 til 4:30. This is not written in "stone" the schedule can change from week to week. So there you have it for those who wanted to know! I have a feeling the bare feet weather is coming to an end real soon....we're enjoying it while we can.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Halloween from our "Little Casper" hehe

No, he's not sitting up all by himself...Keith is behind those white curtains holding on and if I do say so, doing a very good job of hiding! We thought we'd take advantage of the warm weather and get this shot. I wish you could see the detail that Keith put into this "work of art" pumpkin...he said to tell everyone...magic markers and perm. pens do wonders!

My PAPA really LOVES ME!!!!

I grabbed the camera when I saw this shot yest...just couldn't refuse. Keith and John are doing more and more tog. They read books when John comes in the a.m...and John just LOVES all the sound affects Keith makes when he reads the's a guy thing! He already knows and likes the sounds the trucks and motorcycles make when they go by our house, or when we're out taking a walk. It's was almost 80 degrees yest, hence he has nothing on but his diaper...can you see how unhappy that makes him?

A Very Special Gift from Great Grandmother!

My Mom stopped in the other day and had this beautiful crazy quilt for me. It was made by my great grandmother on my fathers' side who died just before I was born. Since I'm the lover of quilts and quilting, I've been given many of the quilts she's done, even those that look very very used. But when you turn them on the wrong side they are just beautiful - ALL THOSE TINY STITCHES - I'm so honored to have any of them, but this one is so different. It's not finished on the edges so I plan to have it checked out by some of my appraiser friends. This quilt is so perfect, it looks like it was just made! I'm so thankful to those in my family who passed it to my mother who took such good care of it...and I plan on doing the same. If I had one wish it would be to have known my great grandmother...I'll be seeing her in heaven someday!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dinner before the GAME!!!!

Steve and Di came for dinner and the Phillies Game after work...We already had John. It was the first time John could sit at the table in the highchair and say the prayer with us...God is WONDERFUL! As you might be able to see, John has on a Red Sox bib. Di has "roots" in MA. and so they were going home to watch that game in hopes that "their" team would win:) John was going to bed.
The weather has been in the high 70's all week and so we've been able to get a lot done outside. Now the shed is all cleaned out and today the shade cloth is coming off the deck:( I made 2 apple crumb pies ...still have dozens of apples to clean up and freeze. Today Brad and Vivien are coming for Ham and Stringbeans (one of their favorites) and Brad just loves apple pies! The leaves are turning, but it doesn't feel like fall with these temps...I'll take it as LONG as I can. Ha. Hope everyone is fine...we think of you all...write when you can..M

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cleaning up the backyard -DARN winter is coming!

I know this doesn't look like much...but we really did get a lot done - and as a matter of fact - I think we're finished! Did the front yard last week... took John out with us and he was happy as a lark...except for those darn little nats. It's just good to be outside when we can. Keith tied up all the tall grasses after I took John in for a nap. Glad this is done but...WISH IT WAS SPING!

AND a visit to Romyn's to see Jacque and Rick

Romyn's Country Home was where Pop Pop Richards stayed til he came home to live with us....This family is the GREATEST and we can't thank them enough for ALL they did for us and Pop. They were really happy to see John and so were ALL the residents too!

John's visit to Wegman's Deli to see Shelly:)

We surprised Shelly with John...she was busy in her office but she took time to stop and hold John. We've been friends with the Wegman Family ----well----FOREVER.. I just had to take some mac. and pot. salad home and Keith bought some cheese ...mmmmm

We took OUR pumpkin to the Pumpkin Patch!

I asked Di to bring John in something that would go good with pumpkins...Well, can you believe this outfit?..It was a little chilly so we had to keep the hoody on...but you get the idea!
We sat John amongst the pumpkins in his boppy and that worked! What fun we had!
Keith liked this shot the best cause John really looked relaxes - even crossed his legs!

Sunday afternoon RACES!

Here's Cayton with 1 of his 4 cars....He started racing when he was 4 1/2 years old..he's now "almost" 11 and has traveled all over the USA racing. We drove to Honeybrooke (about 1/2 away) to watch him race and out of 10 cars in the race he came in 3rd... Not bad when you're racing against kids up to 17 years old. Can you tell we're very proud of Cayton ....and he's a straight "A" student too, winning the science contest at his school each year. Tim and Becky are doing a GREAT JOB! note: Tim was one of Keith's students at school, grad. in 84 and worked for us in our catering business from the time he was 17....they ARE family!....
Unless you've experienced one of these quarter midget races - you can't imagine how fast and SAFE these kids's a real thrill to watch.. Love you Cayton!!! Aunt Ree

Friday, October 3, 2008

We're Rooting for the Phillies!!!

Di brings John dressed for that days' activity....and we're watching the Phillies...GREAT GAMES so far...
But John just wants to be on Dad's Team!!:)