Wednesday, June 4, 2008

MINDY'S 50 !!!!!! NO WAY

Mindy with grandson, Clancy John..
Riding her bike
Stu and Clancy on bikes they built
June 5th 1958...What can I say...Mindy is her name.... When she was born, my parents were trying to come up with a name...They realized that our names all started with M's and....our middle names all started with E's...and to top that...they realized our names were in alphabetical order...Marie Esther, Marjorie Eileen, Michele Elaine and MINDY ELLEN!!! That worked...:) My Mothers' name is Mildred..My grandmothers' name is Mable and there's Aunt MaryEllen and cousin Mary Lou.. My brother came along....nope..he's Jack Daniel ... Mindy is a grandmother (yes, the youngest was the first nana)and rides motorcycles. Her hubby Stuart builds bikes... so does their son, Clancy. I guess you have figured it out by now...I LOVE my sister and her family.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINDY!!!

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