Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yest. - Friday Aug. 29th, Keith and I drove to Hershey to play pickleball and to visit with Dawn and Carlton. We arrived at 8 - Wayne and Nancy were just walking on the court. Before we knew it...there were 18 players. That is so neat. Filled 2 courts and you were never sitting more than a few min. before getting into another game. 10:15 it started to rain and everyone scattered. Keith and I went in the hot tub, took our showers and changed clothes. We went to Dawn and Carlton's rig and had lunch tog....and talked til 4 p..m..
Had to go say our good-byes to Charlotte and Lou as they'll be leaving Thurs. We arrived home at 7 p.m. A long but GREAT day. Oh, and to Faye and Ken....We finally met Dell and Jerry...what great players and NICE people. I didn't get any photos because of the rain...BUT keith and I are headed back to Hershey Sat. Sept.6th and I'll get some shots for the blog then..:)

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