Friday, January 16, 2009

40 YEARS AGO....!

Here we are in the church just before the ceremony....Remember the "sister"..well, there they are on the far right..Mindy, Michele, and Marj..
Can you believe my mom isn't my sister?...she had 5 children and my brother Jack was 1 year old at the wedding...Boy do they look young!

Remember Andy in the last he is with Keith - YES, that's Keith! He never went back to that barber again...I've cut his hair ever since that day!

Andy wasn't about to let Keith get away....

It was a rainy day outside but it didn't keep the 300 family and friends from coming, even Aunt Esther. Our reception "tea" was held in the church also...from there we went back to my parents for a second recept...the rain caused MUD and one of the drivers in our wedding got stuck in the field next to the house..Dad had to go get the tractor and pull him out...WHAT A MEMORY. Oh, and someone forgot to get rice to throw, so they grabbed the oat meal and threw that...WHAT A MESS!!!... It got colder and the weather was icy by the time we were to go to the PHI airport. Andy and Kathy ended up staying with us til 4:30 a.m. - Keith and I took off at 6:30 for Bermuda...we were so ready for some warmth.


Mitch and Barb said...

These are cool pictures--memories for you and new info for us! Thanks for sharing.

Eike said...

I love the pictures-awesome!!! Thanks for sharing them with us. We miss you-Love Eike & Mark