Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Plants Come Home for the Summer

It's only a few miles from the school to Glick's and of course we couldn't resist going back AGAIN! Picked up Mother's Day flowers and just walked around the rows and rows of gorgeous flower domes. It's just good for the soul...the smell and warmth..ahhhhh

Each year in September, Keith and I load up the van with all our plants from the deck/outside and take them to their winter home at the Career and Tech. School where Keith taught Culinary Arts til he retired. The horticulture class take good care of all our plants and propogate many new plants from them. In the top photo you can see ALL the baby spider plants I started last year (maybe 100 or more) and now the class will sell them at the annual flower sale this coming week. The bottom photo has all my yuka plants etc. All in all I think we took home about 30 plants or more. I am so grateful to be able to keep the plants in the green houses at the school. It sure makes our deck and gardens look great by Mother's Day each year.:)

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