Saturday, July 11, 2009

Plant Sale at Glick's - Daylilies!!!!

Our favorite greenhouses had sale yest. and today. Sandy told us to be there when they open so we wouldn't have to wait in line and....we'd get the daylilies we wanted. We arrived at 7:45. The weather was perfect. No humidity, lots of sun and comfortable. I'm sure they had droves of people all day.
I took these photos before the crowds went thru the fields. It was breathtaking to say the least. I purchased 4 daylilies and then went across the street to purchase a bunch of annuals to put in the window boxes at the front of our house. What I had in the boxes were finished and I needed something new. So, for $26.00 FOR EVERYTHING, I was on my way.

Sure hope we're around next year when they have their sale! Believe me it was hard to just pick 4 daylilies...but I promised myself I'd get more next year.

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