Monday, November 1, 2010

Our OUTDOOR Living Area

O.K...I didn't get all these in order, but I'll try and tell the story as I go:) Back in April when we were in TX, we decided to get some estimates on covering the deck....or, we'd lose it due to age. Brian B, from the Berks Career and Tech. was our first choice. Brian only takes a few jobs each summer and we wanted to be one of them. This project was started on Aug. 9th and we were so happy to see this dream come true...
While the porch project was in progress, Keith was working on the fence project from the year before....and John was right there with Papa helping:)

I think they make a GREAT TEAM!!!!

The area to the left of this photo is still a work in progress for next year. It's going to be Keith cooking area..This is where the hot tub used to there was electric and water already in place....HEY MITCH, what else could a chef ask for? Right now this area is on hold....this will give us time to pick out the pavers or whatever we decide ...

I took this shot just before we cleared the deck of everything in preparation for the demo on Monday Aug. 9th.

After the build...Keith started on the walkway in front of the porch...This was a huge project and he did a heck of a job...

After the porch area was screened in, Keith and I realized that we didn't have any electric outside for the water pump good ol' Brian came to our rescue ....and put the electric post up in 45min... I LOVE BRIAN..:)

This is a shot from inside the dining room looking out on the new living area... The furniture is so comfy and I love the style/shape of the new table.

This is a view from the door coming in from the hot tub side of the porch. Some of you know what a TERRIFIC SPRAY PAINTER Keith is....well, he made the old glass top table and side tables all match the new color. Everything looks like it ALL came new. He even spray painted Michele and Larry's dark green table to match her set on their NEW covered porch... Oh, Michele and Larry also had Brian cover their deck - they were Brain's first job of the summer...We were able to watch their roof go on and got us even more excited about our porch.

And here's the finished job.... I know I doesn't look finished..but we have lots of little touches that have been done since this photo. We are so very happy with the 10 ft high ceiling with 2 fans...and the area which is the same size as the deck was originally...16X22. We spend as much time out on the new porch as possible. So...IF you come by to see best come round to the back of the house...that's where we live!

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Mitch and Barb said...

The porch project looks fabulous--we'll come back to check it out and enjoy some time on the porch--maybe another crab bake!!