Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Celebrating Dad's 82nd Birthday!

This is my Dad, and today is his 82nd Birthday. He loves clambakes made by Keith and I so that's what we had....on our lunch. Just the 4 of us. A quiet time to enjoy the sun and each other. It was 3 years ago that he had a major stroke on his way home from his birthday party clam bake at our home. He's recovered everything but the dizziness that he endures every day. On Thurs. he's having his second cateract surg. and we're praying that the dizziness is helped thru this proceedure.
Boy, does Keith made a GREAT Clam Bake!!! The 4 of us had a great time. Clams, chicken, 2 kinds of potatoes, yams, onions, melted butter and oh, of course the clam juice..mmmmmm Mom made a cheese pie for dessert and it was just wonderful. I'm so blessed to have my parents and enjoy pleasing them with the favorite meals they like.

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