Friday, May 16, 2008

How far we've come!

When we first started participating in the Walk for Life ...years ago; Steve and Di slept in their car. The next year they asked to use our van, and it was better. Last year they used the 95 Southwind. It was a rainy, cold year and they were so glad they had it so everyone could get warm and dry during the 24 hours. Now, this year they had our new Southwind and all they could say after sleeping/showering in it was: This is wonderful! We already knew that Ha. And when the 24 hours was up...we brought it back to the driveway where it is right now.

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Mitch and Barb said...

It's great to see the pictures and hear the story of your walk. We too, thank God for keeping you with us!
Love, Barb and Mitch