Saturday, September 6, 2008

Peaches!!!! Lots of Peaches!!!!

A few days ago, Steve brought me a 2ft X 2ft. box of peaches. One of his co-workers asked if anyone could help her out and take some home.....Steve KNOWS that we'll use most any free food. I've been working on this box of peaches since he brought them and FINALLY today ...with Hanna's rain...I spent the day baking peach tarts and cleaning up the end of the peaches. Now, some of you know that Keith can't TOUCH the skin of peaches...he breaks out in a red rash where ever it touches him. But, he LOVES peaches. So, IF I'll clean them....he'll eat them:) I made 4 peach tarts from my mom's recipe, but at the request of Keith, I added vanilla to that recipe...They are GOOOOOOD.mmmmm I have 2 large containers in the refrig.all ready to eat with ice cream or on cereal. Not bad for a rainy day.


John & Pat said...

I wish I could just reach in and cut me a piece of that pie, it looks wonderful. Have enjoyed pictures of your grandson, you're getting better!:)
We are hunkered down here in Mt.Rushmore with cool, make that cold weather and rain. Ah, but sun is coming tomorrow, so off to MT.Rushmore!
LOVE, us livelys

Mitch and Barb said...

Those tarts looked so good, it makes me want to be there to eat them with you!