Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Thanksgiving FEAST !

Clancy, Mindy and Sam.... I'm so lucky to have such a great sister and her family come to dinner.
From left.Stu, Holly, Clancy J., Clancy, Mindy, and Samantha...what a great family!

O.K...everyone is asking why I'm not in any photos...well, someone has to take the pictures..Ha.

Mom at the island and Stuart over at the "meats and gravy" area..:)

Here's my Uncle David and Keith enjoying their meal.

Took this photo from the livingroom looking into the diningroom...We brought the picnic table inside - that worked out great since there were only 11 of us this time.

He's going to kill me when he sees that I posted his kitchen in this condition...he's so very particular about how it looks - but hey, when you're cookin - it gets messy! How Keith got this kitchen....well, after 5 years of catering in the up-stairs kitchen, it was destroyed.. We found this Vulcan Stove and work table and I got a new kitchen up-stairs:) It was a snap to make Christmas Cookies (when we did lots of them) .I could hardly keep up mixing the batches since the ovens hold 2 full sheet trays with 3 dozen cookies on each tray. I'd be up-stairs mixing and the boys would be running up and down putting them in the ovens.. It was quite an operation!

This is Keith's baby - the VULCAN - 10 burners - 2 ovens... He does some major cookin' and baking in his kitchen!...

starting at the top : Potato Filling, candied sweet pot., bread stuffing, apple betty, lima beans, string beans, corn and beets. there just isn't enough room on your plate!

This is the area between my stove top and sink...Mom's turkey in gravy, in the crock pot and her ham on the right...and the "famous" Turkey fried by Keith!. mmmmm

This is the island (4 ft X 5 ft.) before the's always covered with food...every part of the kitchen is used for food and drinks...

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Mitch and Barb said...

Mitch would kill for 10 burners!

Did you eat all that food? Or should I ask, did you give up eating on Friday because of all that beautiful food on Thursday?

It looked like a Happy Thanksgiving!