Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fried Turkey with Jim and Sandy - mmmmm

Well, they finally made it!...We've been trying to get tog. for over a year. Jim only had fried turkey one time before and it wasn't very good as he puts it...BUT now he's had one of Keith's and as you can was a beautiful table and by the end of the meal...there wasn't much turkey left. They also really enjoyed the wine from Lakeside Winery in Clermont Fl... It was so much fun to laugh and catch up on so many of our mutual interests.. More on that in another post.... Keith and I ordered the oval mirror/med. cab. and lights which will be delivered next Tues.. turns out that Jim and Sandy put the exact same mirror in their 2nd home in N.Y..and the old med. cab. is EXACTLY the same one that we have in our home now....the one that was put in when the house was built in the 50's.. I'll send before and after photos when all these new items are installed. Just goes to show that GREAT people have Good TASTE

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