Friday, April 23, 2010

Fri. April 23rd 2010 - Happy Hour

I'm so disappointed that I don't have a photo of the group who played pickleball each day. Linda was going to send me the photo she took but she left for Dallas yest... Sorry:( Each day we have been here there are more and more players...At one point I think we had 16 or 18 which is very good for here.
Keith and I wanted to have the happy hour at our RV but the weather was iffy and so we used the pavilion and that worked out just fine. We were very pleased with the turnout.

Of course the dessert table was a favorite.

New friends from Fort Worth TX; Linda and Roger...GREAT PLAYERS.

Linda and Will who we met back in Jan. when we were headed west.

Phyllis is another new friend...her hubby Ron was taking it easy and didn't make the happy hour but they are VERY GOOD PLAYERS too. They have been full timers for 2 years.

Ya'll know Larry... He has helped Keith and I so much with our game...we can't thank him enough.

New friends Kelly, Rose and their granddaughter....Kelly would love to be playing but has had back problems...we all know about those right? Rose brought Keith's fav. dessert - Coconut Cream Pie!

Here's Trina who plays everyday and is a spitfire! And Casper who only plays occassionally. They are a real riot!!! Trina is a very good player!

The USAPA Assoc. Ambassadors for this area are Morgan and Piper. Morgan has had knee surg. and is just getting back on the court...Don't let this fool ya...he doesn't need to move much to get any ball he wants!

Brand new player Curtis... but you'd never know it...he picked up a paddle and hasn't stopped getting better and better...
Everyday we'd be up at the court by 9 and play til noon...then again meet back at the courts by 6 and play til ? It was GREAT! Thanks everyone.!

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