Friday, April 2, 2010

March 26, 2010 - Blew into Benson AZ

Left Pat and Jerry's at 9:15 a.m. and headed south to the ROD park in Benson, Valley Vista. Our first time at this park...We liked it better than the other park in St. David. The people were just so darn nice:)
They gave us the pull thru ....the ONLY one, since we were leaving in the a.m. Oh, the reason I said we BLEW into Benson...the wind advisories were up. We passed 2 flashing signs along the way down from Gilbert AZ...It was early enough that it wasn't too bad...but when we checked into the RV park the gal behind the desk said...Well, I see you made it....there will be many who will not make it in tonight! We were so glad we left early that day.

The views from our rigg were awesome from any angle.

After we checked in, the gal asked if we wanted to sign up for the morning breakfast...said it was so very good. So we did...and it was good...and again, everyone we met couldn't have been nicer.

Here's the pool.....

And the Hot Tub.

And here are the cooks, hard at work making that great breakfast.
We finished our breakfast and were on our way to TX...Exit 49, Fabens...and..CATTLEMAN"S STEAK HOUSE for the second time..

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