Friday, January 7, 2011

Up-date on Keith

It's been 3 weeks since Keith's surgery! He weighed himself yest. and finally gained a little over a pound. After the surgery the scale seems to go down, down, down.. Now after 3 weeks, he's still taking one pain pill in the morning and that seems to do the trick for the day. He rests a lot...not necessarily sleeps during the day, but rests on the recliner. Yest. he went out to the mail box and a few days ago he took down the bows from the window boxes; just little things....then he's back to the chair. I can see his energy level getting better each day and hope that these next few weeks are a "come back" time. The visiting nurses will come on Tues. for the next 2 weeks.
In the last week Keith has ENJOYED a small V&S Chicken Cheese Steak and Wendy's ....Now he's asking for pizza....The one thing he really misses is SALADS, so the nurses said to start out very slowly with lettuce on a sandwich but to be sure to chew everything thoroughly.. So far so good!
We've borrowed Brad and Viviens Jack LaLanne Juicer and that has really helped with all the foods that Keith couldn't eat if it weren't juiced. Everyday we're juicing and I'm sure that's helping to boost his system...
By the way, thanks to everyone for the phone calls....he loves hearing from you:)

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Rich and Donna said...

Hello Keith and Marie
It's good to hear that Keith is improving. Asking for Pizza? That's a very good sign. Please know that we continue to keep both of you in our prayers daily, and everyone that we talk to is doing the same. You have so many friends thing of you.