Monday, January 3, 2011

Visit with Dr. DeVos

Monday Dec. 27th - We saw Dr. DeVos at 1 p.m. (thankfully, the roads were clear and dry by 11 a.m.) He took the remaining staples out and told Keith how pleased he is with how everything looks....and again told us all about the surgery and what he DIDN"T find:) We will be seeing Dr. DeVos for a total of 13 more times...about every 2-3 months for check ups. They follow you very closely for the first 2 years. Thank goodness we think so very highly of Dr DeVos...he's a GREAT GUY!
He assured Keith that he needs to continue to stay well, get lots of rest and get stronger.
Our next appt. is with the head of oncology, Dr. Leasure, on Jan 10th. After what Keith experienced with the chemo before, he's not looking forward to what might be suggested. He will have some tough decisions to make after that appt.
I'll keep you posted:)

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foolmother said...

So glad the news continues to be good. We love you.