Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sept. 12th - Pig Roast

Friends of my parents have a huge Pig Roast every year.. This year we were asked to go too. This photo shows my mother with Connie, the hostess, in front of 1/2 the pig. On Aug. 31st Mom and Dad celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary.
Dad and Izzi discussing how much corn and soy Izzi planted and what new equipment he bought this year. Izzi and Connie's business is mindboggling.

Everyone gathered in these buildings - there must have been hundreds coming and going all day. The pig, baked pot, corn on the colb , and drinks were supplied by Izzi and Connie...Everything else was brought by EVERY person who came... The food was endless . and ..of course just down home delicious.

These two minnie goats just waddles on down the road and into the buildings making everyone take a second look and then laugh.

A Farmall tractor was what my Grandfather Huyett had and Dad told Keith....this is a series 1 and the one they had was a 4.... At any rate...ANY equipment is interesting to my Dad . This was the ONLY photo Dad would pose for. He really enjoyed this day.

Izzi's newest truck. Dad wanted a photo of it! Dad drove truck all his life beside being brought up on a farm....and working as a Mech. Draftsmen. He loved driving and finally gave it up when he was 72.

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