Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept. 8th - CLAM BAKE

Barb and Mitch are our RV friends who live in their RV full time. They happened to be in Hershey so we decided to have them over for a PA Clambake. They are originally from MN and said they have fish boils not clambakes.
The "boys" working on the cleaning the clams and filling the bags. Keith, Mitch and Harry.

Mitch and Keith taking the food out of the POT!

The clams being put in the bags.

Karen and Barb taking pictures of the table BEFORE we all sat down to this feast.

The clambake included clams, shrimp, lobster tail, white and sweet potatoes, and corn on the colb. Dessert was my peach crumb pie. The guys started the day with beer ...then beer for some and wine for others during dinner ....and Keith's kahlua and creme after dinner. We had the pie hours one could eat another bite right after the bake.

Harry was manning the corn on the cob on the grill. Aprons provided by Keith:)

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