Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fri. May 7, 2010 - On the Road Home!

Up early and wanted to be on the road by 7 a.m. We had a long day ahead of us. Weren't sure how far we'd get but we were hoping to stop in Cumberland MD, or Hagerstown MD.
This campground was so nice; large sites and great scenery.

There was nothing behind us but this great view.

Leaving KY and entering West Virginia....using route 64 East to 79 North.

This was TOO funny...we both looked at each other and said "take the picture of the BIG OTTER in 1 mile" and laughed! You have to keep up the humor when you have a long day of driving.!

And FINALLY we see the Maryland Welcome Sign. It was 4:30 when we pulled into the Walmart parking lot at Hagerstown MD ...just north on 81 North. I did tell Keith that IF he wanted to continue the rest of the way home, it would take us til 7:00 p.m... A full 12 hours of driving! Nope, he wanted to stop for the night....get our showers and go for a nice dinner. Lights out early....we were really tired.
NOTE: I've named the roads we drove from KY to MD - the LONGEST ROLLER COASTER EVER!

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