Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thurs. May 6, 2010 - Our last day with Marge

Slept in longer thurs. morning and decided to enjoy our coffee and tea on the deck and soak in the sun. Just visiting was so nice. Marge had a pilates class from 1 to 2. That gave Keith and I time to pack up all our STUFF in the car so we would be all ready to head back to the RV park later that night.
The last favorite place Marge wanted to share with us was the Fusion Cafe', Vietnamese Cuisine. This would be our supper tog.

I forgot to take photos of the soup and spring rolls....and then the main plate,*(and I'm sorry I don't remember what it was called). All I know is IT WAS SO GOOD. We are so glad she took us to Fusion Cafe. Hopefully, when we come back to visit another time, we can return here. Oh, and dessert was avacado smoothy. WOW, I never would have thought it could taste so good.
Parting was not easy that night. As we drove away, we talked about Marge coming to PA. in July and us visiting again real soon. It was almost dark when we got to the Ky Horse Farm Campground and proceeded to put everything in order to leave early Friday morning.

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