Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas with Steve, Di and John!!! FINALLY

We put the tree up again this year! When we're traveling, this doesn't happen cause we're usually gone 2 days after Christmas.. Since we're going to be home this year...up went the tree! We even put some lights out on the new porch. The little boy next door told us that he calls those lights his "night lights". Hope that's a good thing!
John is now 2 1/2 years old....yes, I know, he's really growing up! We had a ball last night....he is just so much fun. He's so polite and well behaved...Steve and Di have done such a wonderful job with him. He said "Grace" for us at dinner and asked to be excused from the table! Steve made a delicious spaghetti pie and for dessert we enjoyed the ice cream cake. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus...a new tradition that the kids want to do for John so he knows the real reason for the season. We ALL agreed that this was a very special Christmas for all of us.

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DDonald said...

So great that Keith was home for the holidays. Great to see the two of you enjoying the holidays and your family. Sending you the best wishes for 2011 - that it brings improved Health and lots more great memories.