Monday, October 26, 2009

Oct. 22 - Views around the Fly-In Community

Here at the Fly-in the planes have the right of way! If you see a plane, you must get over into a driveway until they go by. Often when Pam and I are out in the golf cart taking Snuggles, their dog, out for a run, we must pull over so a plane can go by. It's quite a sight.
The houses have hangers attached to them for their planes. The hangers hold all kinds of TOYS besides planes. I took most of these photos while riding in the golf cart with Pam one day. This is the back of this home and if you can see behind the plane is an enclosed pool area, then the house.

This is how the hangers open. I HOPE you can all get an idea of what this is's quite something. Keith and I had NEVER heard of or seen anything like this before we came here to Gene and Pam's.

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