Monday, October 26, 2009

Not a cloud in the sky - what a morning to see these planes practicing this formation. I just asked Gene about this community and he said that it was a WWII Navy Air Base. In 1970's it was developed into this Fly-In community with beautiful golf course and it's all gated.
For those NASCAR fans...Mark Martin and Skinner live here. John Travolta used to live here but his new jets were too large to land here. So he moved. We had lunch at the country club and Mark Martin and his family were sitting right next to us... He is such a down to earth guy and the reason he likes it here is because everyone treats him as "just another pilot". No one bothers them for autographs etc. He has such a nice family.

Pam and Gene's home is right at the end of the runway....From first light til after dark you can hear the planes taking off and landing. It's fun to sit here in their livingroom and watch the activity.

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