Friday, October 9, 2009

Oct. 8th - Happy Hour, Covered Dish

Our pickleball gang got tog. for a happy hour and covered dish. 22 came and the food was great. We gathered at 4 p.m. between Faye and Ken's and Mitch and Barbs RVs.

from left....John, Ray, Sue and Keith enjoying good friendship and food.

I caught Ken and Faye off guard....hehe

Here's Faye showing photos to Deb, Bob, Mar, and Jim.

from right...Barb, Mitch and Keith watching all the activity..:)

Let's see...I think from left. Ken, Karla, John, Craig, Sue, Marge and Dean... More came later and the food went on and on.:) I enjoyed one of Keith's Kahlua and Cream drinks. mmmm

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