Thursday, October 15, 2009

Summerton, SC

Left Chesapeake Thousand Trails at 8 a.m. - The rain started about 10 and got worse as we got closer to SC.
We arrived at Big Water RV about 4. FYI - for those using a GPS, don't use the 5215 Dingle Pond Road address because it takes you further than you have to go and....way out in the boon docks...miles past where the campground is. It's best to follow the directions in the ROD book. Take it from don't want to go the wrong way.
All the sites are pull thru which made it nice for Keith being that it was raining when we got here. He only unhooked the Honda today. This is a very big place and very well managed. We won't hesitate to stop here again.

I had so many great shots of this place I didn't know what to show you... The pools are closed now but you can only imagine how full it is in season. As I said, it's an ROD park, so if you're a will cost nothing.

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