Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday night - Dec. 17th 2010

When I arrived at Keith room today, I was surprised to find him in a private room. And, that only family is allowed to visit right now... All this to keep him safe from illness the best they can. IF there's going to be an infection, they say it's the first 5 days after the surgery. Even though you can't visit, Keith says his phone works:)
He looks good. They've helped him get up and walk about 30 ft to the nurses station and back. He must do this 3 times a day. Still no food....not for at least another day.
Keith says HI to everyone. I took the lap top to the hosp...and as the messages came in, I read them to him.
The doctors and nurses say he's coming along nicely....everything looks good.
Well, gang, that's what we want to hear. Now lets hope he can sleep tonight. Last night he didn't sleep much, and not because he had pain...he said he just watched t.v. and napped.
Let's see what tomorrow brings!

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