Monday, February 14, 2011

Keith's Next/Last Surgery Date

This morning we were to see Dr. DeVos. He is so pleased with Keith and how he's healing. So, he set up the reversal surgery for next Thurs the 24th! Wow, this is earlier than we thought, but we're not complaining....
He will be in the hosp. for about 3-4 days and then have another 6 weeks of recovery.
NOW, last night at midnight Keith passed a kidney stone...believe it or not he had NO PAIN! This was a big surprise...but might explain all the back pain he had starting several weeks ago. Keith thought he hurt himself because the pain in his back was right where he had his surg. years ago. We now think it was the stone moving.
Who knows....but the stone is now passed.:)
The photo above is Papa and John watching John's favorite video...Thomas the Train!
p.s. Keith now weighs 167 lbs. I think he's looking very good, but he's missing lots of we'll have to work on that!
Thanks in advance for all your prayers....I'll keep the blog up-to-date after the surg. next week.

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Mark and Chris said...

Looking great Keith. You da man! Hope to see you both in Florida next winter. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.