Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Visit from Texas

Last Tues night Andy flew in from TX and stayed with us til Thurs. before moving on to other friends. Yest. he came for lunch and spent the afternoon before we had to say our good byes:( This was such a great boost for Keith. I think you can see on their faces, they are truly best friends or as they say, BROTHERS for life. Please don't make it 2 more years before we see you again Andy. You know we love you!!!!
The last time Andy was here John was only 6 months old....My how different this visit was. John just had the best time with Andy... Of course Andy gave John a match box car sooooo they are friends for life too!

Andy swears that Brad just keeps growing...and couldn't believe that he's been teaching for 10 years.. I am so sorry I didn't get a photo with Steve and Diana ...they were here too. Vivien was not feeling well - we really missed her.

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