Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wed. Feb.2, 2011 - Keith Up-Date

We will be seeing Dr. DeVos again on Valentines Day. At that time he will tell us when the reversal surgery date will be in March...probably the middle of March. At our last visit he said he agrees that Keith shouldn't have the 5FU Chemo ...and even tho he could do the reversal surgery in 8 weeks which would be Feb. 16th, he'd suggest waiting for the 12 weeks to make sure Keith has plenty of time to heal before going thru more surg. We agreed.
Keith couldn't be more anxious to get this over with:)
On Sunday morning Jan. 23rd, Keith woke with back he used to get before his back surg. He couldn't figure out what he did because he's been so very careful not to lift anything. At any rate, it took 10 days til he had no pain. He's fine now and will soon begin to exercise so his back will regain muscle strength.
We've been dealing with the storms which continue to come about every 3 to 4 days!
This morning we have about 3 inches of ice on everything. Fortunately, so far we have electric.
We are thankful we don't have to go anywhere....just stay inside....stay warm...and stay well:)

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Brits On Tour said...

hope all goes well, you will be in our prayers Jim & Jane