Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dinner before the GAME!!!!

Steve and Di came for dinner and the Phillies Game after work...We already had John. It was the first time John could sit at the table in the highchair and say the prayer with us...God is WONDERFUL! As you might be able to see, John has on a Red Sox bib. Di has "roots" in MA. and so they were going home to watch that game in hopes that "their" team would win:) John was going to bed.
The weather has been in the high 70's all week and so we've been able to get a lot done outside. Now the shed is all cleaned out and today the shade cloth is coming off the deck:( I made 2 apple crumb pies ...still have dozens of apples to clean up and freeze. Today Brad and Vivien are coming for Ham and Stringbeans (one of their favorites) and Brad just loves apple pies! The leaves are turning, but it doesn't feel like fall with these temps...I'll take it as LONG as I can. Ha. Hope everyone is fine...we think of you all...write when you can..M

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