Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Open House Party for John's Baptism

Vivien make the cupcakes for John's Party and not only were they beautifully done - they were DELICIOUS!!!
Since it was an open house the cupcakes were perfect...the last people didn't see a "cut up cake". Everyone loved this idea.
I'm having trouble putting more than 2 photos on the blog at a time so you'll have to bear with me:)

This is what the cupcake pyramid looked like....The cupcakes with the "shell" on them are handmade choc..mmmm The ones with JGR on them are put on 1/2 a choc cookie... the icing was made to look like sand. The "shell" was the theme for the baptism and a real shell was used to baptise John.
More photos to come:)

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