Friday, October 24, 2008

Baptism in MD. -Sunday Oct. 19, 2008

After the service we all went back to Di's parents house for a delicious buffet...Can you tell John loved getting out of that outfit and into some comfy clothes? We arrived back home in Pa. at 7 P.M... a very long day!
Sorry these photos are out of order:( This is after the bottle... Oh, and didn't say that the 6 month old outfit JUST fit - actually, the back buttons opened during the service.. One more week and he wouldn't have fit into it!
Our little redhead!

Ah, now this is what I needed after that long morning...Great Grammie had just the ticket! MMMMM

It was a glorious day driving the 2 1/2 hours in the crisp fall air looking at the beautiful colored leaves with the sun shining all the way to a little country church in MD. It was a long morning for John but he did great! The pastor was afraid to put the water on his head fearing that he'd cry...she doesn't know our John..she could have poured the whole basin over his head and he wouldn't cry, he loves it! What a great day!

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