Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sunday afternoon RACES!

Here's Cayton with 1 of his 4 cars....He started racing when he was 4 1/2 years old..he's now "almost" 11 and has traveled all over the USA racing. We drove to Honeybrooke (about 1/2 away) to watch him race and out of 10 cars in the race he came in 3rd... Not bad when you're racing against kids up to 17 years old. Can you tell we're very proud of Cayton ....and he's a straight "A" student too, winning the science contest at his school each year. Tim and Becky are doing a GREAT JOB! note: Tim was one of Keith's students at school, grad. in 84 and worked for us in our catering business from the time he was 17....they ARE family!....
Unless you've experienced one of these quarter midget races - you can't imagine how fast and SAFE these kids's a real thrill to watch.. Love you Cayton!!! Aunt Ree

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