Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mon. Feb. 8, 2010 - Sabino Canyon with Pat and Jerry

We have the best friends....Pat and Jerry drove 45 min. from Gilbert AZ to Casa Grande to pick us up and took us to Sabino Canyon another hour and a half south ... The drive there was so beautiful. We had no idea what was coming ....but they did.
The view from this entrance was so spectacular that we just couldn't wait to see what the 10 mile tram ride would be like.

One after another - there were scenes like this with water flowing over the bridges we would cross in the tram.

Sabino Canyon is just one of seven canyons right next to each other. We were on the 3 p.m. tram so the sun was warm ....but when we were in the shadows, it was very cool. No amount of pictures I could put on the blog could do justice to this awesome place.

Many people were wading in the freezing water....we passed on that.

Each turn was more awesome than the last. In another month the flowers will be blooming ...

The tram stopped at the end of the canyon for a short time ....Everyone got out to take photos.

Sabino means rusty red color.

And as the sun was slowly disappearing behind the mountains.... our tram made it's way back to the visitor center.... What a wonderful day!!!


Mark and Chris said...

Hi guys. We are winding down our stay at Verde Valley and heading for Casa Grande on Monday. Have left comments on Lively's blog but haven't heard from them. Do you have an email or phone number for them please? Are we going to see you at Verde Valley before we leave? Lots more rigs in here these past few days.

Marie and Keith said...

Hi...We are in Tempe now...with my cousin..so we won't see you:( I do have Pat and John's number - as a matter of fact I have 2 numbers so here they are..479-549-2260 and 479-228-0116. I know they were in a p-ball comp. Wed Thurs and Friday... Hope you can connect! Marie