Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sat. Feb. 13th 2010 - A week with Bob and Barb

We arrived at Bob and Barb's home on Friday afternoon. Sat. was our first day...

Now, I don't know what I did but I can't seem to get my photo back which WAS here!...sorry.

The Orange Patch is in Mesa AZ... A wonderful place with LOTS of great buys...Bob wanted orange juice...Keith and I bought honey powder, something we'd not seen before and were told it is brand new.

On to the Metro LightRail, like the trolleys we HAD back in Reading when I was a young girl. And my Mom says they should have NEVER stopped them in our area. I agree after using them all day. How wonderful - no parking the car - and they drop you off right by where you want to go.
We bought our tickets and borded the car in just a few minutes.

This is Barbara in front of a bed of beautiful pansies... just before we got on the metro.

/Before this was Tempe Beach Park, it was where the ferry took the settlers across the Salt River. It's a wonderful park with activities for everyone.

It's now the Tempe town lake.

With the Metro running across.

Monti's Steakhouse is located in the orig. home of Charles Trumbel Hayden, the founder of Tempe. Bob said it was Uncle Bob's FAVORITE place to eat...as a matter of fact, he would have had breakfast, lunch or dinner there. He LOVED a good steak!

Our destination was to arrive at The Heard Museum for the world champion "Hoops" competition. This was a weekend event, held outside. There are 21 tribes in AZ alone. We sat on the grass and watched small indian children preform in the large dirt circle accompanied by a drum played by 8 to 10 adult indians, who were chanting for each competitor. The finals would be on Sunday with the World Champion Adult Male trying to retain his title.

After the young boys came the teen girls...It was a beautiful day with temps. in the high 70's.

Just perfect for a lunch outside after an hour tour of the museum. Watched more dancing before heading back to the Metro and home to Bob and Barbs'.

Keith LOVES to shop new markets...so, off we went to this Mexican food store... I wasn't able to take photos in the store and not sure why, but I obliged.... All I can say is we never saw such a huge store of MX food and so many people shopping in it.

Went across the street to the ORGAN STOP PIZZA.... Well, this has been going on for 30 years and is so very unique... First you get in line at the counter to order your pizza...Then you get a ticket with a number on it...and next you get your salad and drink and find a table.

As you wait for your number to light up on what I call a bingo numbered board, up on the stage, out of the FLOORcomes this man playing an organ. The whole room is full of instruments - on the ceiling and around the front of the stage. The building has balconys full of patrons besides the main floor...reminded me of the Hoop Dee Doo Revue at Disney. What fun it was to sing show tunes as we ate our pizza. And so....this is how we spent our Sat. night.

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