Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thurs. Feb. 4th, 2010 - So MUCH to DO!!!

A knock came at the door on Wed. was Will and Ella asking us to join them early for breakfast at Golden Correll... We were they picked us up at 7 a.m.
Everything was hot and fresh since we were one of the first people to open the place. The food was good but getting to know Will and Ella better was great... They have been full timing it for 3 years and will leave here on Monday to head to Florida.

After breakfast Ella asked us to join her for the 9 a.m. to ? "Line Dancing". You know us, we'll try anything...

This is what we saw as we walked into the building... I guess there were 45 - 50 people enjoying themselves.
Keith and I had a great time - we had never joined in before... It's great exercise!

We arrived back to the RV in time to change and go up to the hot tub...Hey, they were doing the water exercises so I hoped right in:) Keith soaked in the hot tub.

This is the SMALLEST hot tub we've ever seen at one of the resorts.... It is drained and cleaned every Tues.

Did someone say....There's always room for one more!

Jerry drove down from Gilbert area and brought pizza for lunch at 1 p.m. Had to get a photo of his HHR for Steve and Diana to see. It has no back seat and no windows other than the front door and windshield..and has 20 inch wheels... Everyone was stopping by to check it out.

The pizza was so different from what we would get around here....Jerry said it's his favorite and now it's ours' too.

Just two BUDDIES enjoying a pizza and talking about the good ole' times. So this is how our days just never know what the day will bring. Jerry and Pat are going to come down on Monday - they want to go to Old Tucson...and then Wed. want to go to Kartchner Caverns.

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