Friday, February 26, 2010

Thurs.Feb.18,2010 - What a Birthday!!!!

Yes, another year has rolled around and I had another birthday. Barb and Bob took Keith and I for a boat ride on the Dolly at Canyon Lake. While on the cruise, different gems were passed around and since it was my birthday, I got to hold this cluster of was so beautiful.

The Dolly had 3 boardings on this particular day. One at noon, two and four. We had tickets for the 2 p.m. This is the Dolly coming in with the noon time passangers.

We were having our lunch as we watched the people unload. It was just a perfect day...warm and sunny, and...clear.

Now we're looking at the restaurant area outside where we had our lunch.

IF you look very'll see a big horn sheep resting on the top of a cliff. We saw several, but when the captain said there were 26 up in another area....and NO one could see them... We all began to wonder IF there really were others..Ha.

This was so special... A bald eagle on it's nest. This is the best shot I could get. All you can see is the white head... But is was truly a thrill.

I took so many pictures - Just like I've said's so BEAUTIFUL. And every turn on this cruise was so interesting. This is definitely something you don't want to miss,...IF it's a nice day - and clear.

We pulled into the dock after our 2 hour tour... So relaxed and thankful that Bob and Barb recommended this trip..

It was a very pleasant drive back for supper... The legand goes that the Lost Dutchman, Jacob Waltz, hid his gold in the Superstition Mountains. And on his death bed said the gold was in the shadow of Weavers one has ever found the gold. Very interesting can google it for more information.

This is Superstition Mountains.

Super at the Mining Camp!

It's now about 5 p.m. and I took this photo as we approached the Mining Co. Restaurant.

Inside you are seated family style with all tin cups, plates, and silverware. The waitress first brought our drinks - followed by cole slaw and baked beans.. 3 meats, - chicken, ham and ribs....potatoes, bread and string beans...all you can eat. I will NEVER forget this birthday and the good time we had ALL week with Bob and Barb..

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